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Hunt Showdown Update 1.16.2


Entwickler Crytek hat das Update 1.16.2 für Hunt Showdown veröffentlicht.

Hunt Showdown Patch-Notes

General Updates


  • Springfield M1892 Krag and variants: 
    • Increased damage to 126 from 124.
    • Increased reserve ammo to 12 from 8.
  • Fusee, Flare Pistol, and Starshell Ammo changes: 
    • Increased the amount of Fusees able to be carried to 5 from 3 (6 with Frontiersman). 
    • Increased the lifetime of Flares for both Flare Pistols and Starshell ammo. 
  • Vitality, Stamina, Poison, and Regeneration Shot changes:
    • All weak Shots now use the same animation. 
    • Decreased the time it takes for all weak Shots to complete the inject animation. 
    • Minor tweak to inject animation speed of the large Shots so the timing matches better. (No changes to overall large Shot completion time) 
  • Melee attachment Weapon variant changes: 
    • Reduced Stamina consumption across all melee attachment Weapon variants.
    • Removed sway penalty on Bayonet and Riposte variants.
    • Improved melee hit detection on various melee attachments.
    • Reduced wind-up time for Talon and Trauma variants and improved melee attack queueing.
    • Reduced Brawler melee preparation duration.
  • Flechette and Dumdum: 
    • Dumdum and Flechette Ammo will now lose their intensity at distance. This means that bleeding intensity will be reduced from heavy to medium or weak depending on the distance.


Immolator changes: 

  • Poison Ammo and Arrows now deal less damage to Immolators.
  • Immolators are now immune to Poison Clouds.


  • Adjusted prices for melee attachment Weapon variants to always cost +10 Hunt Dollars from their base Weapon.  

New Legendary Content 

  • Berthier Mle 1892 Marksman – Heathen’s Ruin (600 BB) 
  • Throwing Spear – Watchman’s Arm (700 BB)  
  • Waxed Dynamite Stick – Loki’s Gift (500 BB) 
  • Hunter – Sea Wolf (800 BB) 
  • Hunter – Wight Raven (800 BB) 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that showed the 5th Anniversary splash screen instead of the regular one.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a phantom bullet to float next to the Mako Carbine.
  • Fixed a UI issue that blocked some players from equipping an instance of locked equipment.
  • Fixed an issue with the Times of Day.


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