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Green Hell Hotfix v.2.3.1

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Entwickler Creepy Jar hat das Hotfix v.2.3.1 veröffentlicht.



  • The Player should see the ‘follow’ icon on an animal from a greater distance
  • Animals will continue to follow the Player after being pet
  • All villagers in all SOA villages now hold and use proper items
  • Petting an animal should not cause blocking the Player’s input
  • The Player can now obtain live animals from the Snare Trap
  • It is no longer possible to place the Animal Pen on the construction roofs
  • Petting an animal now increases Sanity and Trust
  • The Player is no longer able to harvest honey from a Beehive without getting stung
  • Animals should no longer stop eating/drinking in co-op sessions
  • Bees nests should now properly replicate in co-op sessions
  • Animals should no longer be able to escape from the Animal Pens
  • The ‘Call’ action key-bind can now be changed


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