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Ready or Not Update 21874

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Entwickler VOID Interactive hat das Update Build 21874 für Ready or Not veröffentlicht.



  • Fix animation pop when AI is surrendering
  • Fix suspects not entering cover consistently due to always tracking their movement vector and/or last known enemy location
  • Fix cover entry location sometimes not being calculated correctly (leading to difficulties entering cover properly)
  • Fix suspects unable to enter cover in tight spaces


  • Loadout item selection list now oriented vertically with an interactive scroll bar
  • Weapon attachment configurations should now persist in their last state as intended, even after switching away or leaving the loadout menu.
  • Full Loadout Presets are now enabled and can be selected and saved from the dropdown on the overview.
  • Presets can be quickly applied to AI officers
  • “Default” option will reset the loadout (this cannot be overwritten or deleted)


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