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Grafana 10.0.1 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die plattformübergreifende Open-Source-Anwendung zur grafischen Darstellung, Auswertung und Benachrichtigung von Daten aus verschiedenen Datenquellen wie z. B. InfluxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus und Graphite, Grafana, erhielt das Update 10.0.1.

Grafana 10.0.1 Release Notes

Features and enhancements

  • Alerting: Update alerting module to 20230524181453-a8e75e4dfdda. #69011@yuri-tceretian
  • Caching: Update labels for cache insertions counter. (Enterprise)
  • Schema: Improve Dashboard kind docs and remove deprecated props. #69652@ivanortegaalba

Bug fixes

  • Alerting: Fix notification policies inheritance algorithm (#69304). #69782@gillesdemey
  • Caching: Fix issue in which caching can cause HTTP resource response bodies to be written twice. (Enterprise)
  • CodeEditor: Ensure suggestions only apply to the instance of the edit…. #70067@ashharrison90
  • Plugins: Wrap original check health error. #70227@grafanabot
  • Usage Insights: Fix last viewed date. (Enterprise)
  • [v10.0.x] Alerting: Add heuristics back to datasource healthchecks. #69541@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Alerting: Fix “show all instances”. #67837@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Alerting: Fix broken UI because of query being optional for some ExpressionQuer…. #69683@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Alerting: Fix email template for text/plain emails. #70111@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Alerting: Fix provisioned templates being ignored by alertmanager. #69488@JacobsonMT
  • [v10.0.x] Alerting: Support newer http_config struct. #69719@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Auth: Show invite button if disable login form is set to false. #70155@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Azure: Fix Kusto auto-completion for Azure datasources (#69685). #69695@aangelisc
  • [v10.0.x] CloudMonitoring: Improve parsing of GCM labels. #69812@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Command Palette: Links opened in a new tab now route correctly when Grafana is served under a subpath. #69925@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Command palette: Include help links. #70322@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Dashboards: Remove Explore option from panel menu when panel’s datasource uid is “– Dashboard –“. #69173@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Dashboards: Variables – Improve slow template variable loading due same variable loaded multiple times on time range change. #69641@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Explore: Fixed Starred query history tab to show all starred queries. #70092@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Explore: Improve logs volume panel empty state. #70255@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Explore: Run remaining queries when one is removed from a pane. #69670@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Heatmap: Sort fields by numeric names when single frame. #69880@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] InfluxDB: Interpolate retention policies. #69300@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Log Context: Fix split view button using the wrong query. #69416@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Loki: Fix error when empty template variables response. #69559@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Loki: Fix including of template variables in variable query editor. #69709@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] NestedFolders: Fix select all in folder view selecting items out of folder. #69783@joshhunt
  • [v10.0.x] Pyroscope: Fix wrong defaults when importing query from different datasource. #69366@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] SQLStore: Align SQLite IsUniqueConstraintViolation() with other backend implementations. #69227@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Templating: Fix updating of definition to empty string. #69767@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Tempo: Use pipe in TraceQL by default for multi-value variables. #70321@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] TextPanel: Fixstyling missing the disclosure triangle. #70138@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] Util: Fix panic when generating UIDs concurrently. #69538@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] XYChart/Trend: Fix min/max and units/decimals X field overrides. #70261@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] XYChart: Fix formatting of axis ticks (units, decimals). #70193@grafanabot
  • [v10.0.x] XYChart: Fix variable interpolation in datalinks/toggletip. #70210@grafanabot

Quelle: Release 10.0.1 (2023-06-20) · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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