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Gas Station Simulator Economy Update


Entwickler DRAGO entertaiment hat das Economy Update für den Gas Station Simulator veröffentlicht.

Gas Station Simulator Patch-Notes:

  • Multiple issues regarding Achievements were addressed
  • Removed input that caused to equip the Hammer Tool even if it was not bought
  • Wall Painting Service now collects the proper amount of money
  • The positioning of elements in the Airstrip Upgrade Tree was adjusted
  • Some UI elements were changed to fit more different languages
  • Prices now correctly show two decimal numbers
  • Hammer now displays correct inputs while interacting with walls
  • The Home Tab on the PC now shows the correct images/texts if we can restore them
  • Fixed an issue with the Spiders Web tutorial
  • Now some Tabs/Deliveries/Services on the PC are correctly blocked/unblocked
  • Problems with saving/loading order presets were addressed

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