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Gas Station Simulator Christmas Update


Entwickler DRAGO entertaiment hat kurz vor Weihnachten das Christmas Update veröffentlicht. Es behebt einige bekannte Probleme und bringt Weihnachts-Dekorationen ins Spiel.

Gas Station Simulator Christmas Content
Gas Station Simulator Christmas Content

Patch Notes

Christmas Content

  • Adds Christmas themed wallpapers.
  • Adds a Christmas themed landmark.
  • Adds new decals to the game, most of which are Christmas themed.
  • Customers now have Christmas hats (can be disabled in Settings if that’s too much Christmas for you). Pssst… I advise to check Gustav as well.
  • Santa now flies with his sled above the gas station (can be disabled in Settings if that’s just too much cheer for your taste).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a rare issue when cars would not drive to Fuel Pumps.
  • Customers now should correctly stand in the Cash Shop queue.
  • Trash stuck under the ground should now be removed after loading a game.


  • Dynamic shadows for NPCs will now be cast from a new low poly mesh designed specifically to cast shadows instead of their original detailed geometry to improve performance.
  • We downsampled some textures that were unnecessarily too large in order to lower VRAM usage.
  • Party Bus and Party Spot Bus will now load NPCs asynchronously to improve overall performance and reduce stutter.

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