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FreeCAD 0.20.2 Maintenance Release

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Die Open-Source 3D-Software für parametrische 3D- Modelierung von realen Objekten jeder Größe, erhielt das Maintenance Update 0.20.2. FreeCAD ist auf Windows, Mac und Linux nutzbar.

FreeCAD 0.20.2 Release Notes

Addon Manager fixes:

  • a8cb4e7: Fix bug in dependency resolver
  • #7356: Minor bugfix with Mod folder
  • 83f4b2c: Fix failures with Unicode characters in filenames
  • d1ad3b4: Add try/except to integer conversion
  • 9bf0c58: Fix formatting in error handler
  • 283fec6: Fix bug in updater

Arch fixes:

  • #6140: fix wrong line spacing in 3D-view
  • #6178: External Reference does not load Windows nested in Walls
  • #7370Wall not visible when base sketch lines overlap
  • #7528: Fix crash related to SoBrepEdgeSet
  • #7591: Improve handling of window hosts
  • #7859: Fix CutPlane color

Core (App and Gui) fixes:

  • 746a56f: Don’t show non-existing and unusual directories in file dialog
  • ff876bf: Clear combo boxes before re-filling them and fix handling of icon size in preferences packs
  • 6395465: make FreeCAD 0.20.x to compile with Python 3.11
  • #7388: Prevent crash when trying to create ExpressionBinding without arguments
  • #7422: Allow set up expression even if property value is currently being edited
  • #7444: Assure message boxes appear and stay on top of main window
  • #7507: Allow None parameter again in drag and drop methods in Python ViewProviderPy class
  • #7539TinkerCAD navigation was always stopping right mouse button propagation
  • #7277: Write to network drive failed on Windows
  • bc9897cTreeView selection can not be undone
  • #7628: Fix crash after creating a Sketch for a Body
  • 4d8e615: If expression is set for Euler angles in the placement dialog then evaluate the expression instead of determining the angles from the rotation
  • 6f302d3: Backport class WrapperManager to fix possible crashes when using PySide
  • #7737: Add default JPEG save quality and set it to 90%
  • 7d9b344: Fix memory leak
  • 4067cc1: Fix endless-loop in View3DInventorSelection::checkGroupOnTop
  • 710a470: Fix endless-loop in DocumentObject::getParents
  • #5942Revit navigation: rotation stop on scroll release
  • #7819: ActionGroup: also get its tooltip title updated

Draft fixes:

  • #5765Clone did not maintain the colours of the original
  • 2b5b7cd: Fix snapper icons
  • #7354: Add tolerance to BoundBox check
  • #7424: Fix working plane auto alignment to front view
  • #7441: Fix flatten wire
  • #7453: Fix alignment of angular dimension arrows
  • #7528: Fix crash related to SoBrepEdgeSet
  • #7616: Make Std_TransformManip work for Point
  • #7670: Fix rectangle with face offset bug
  • #7806: arcFromSpline() function uses wrong parameter

FEM fixes:

PartDesign fixes:

  • #7445: Improve offset handling of SubShapeBinder
  • #7504: Add format parameter for Wedge X-min
  • #7626Hole cut depth was not recalculated correctly
  • #7674: Improve Helix calculation for straight shape
  • #7629: Keep sketch visible during revolution tasks
  • #7722: assure source sketch is visible when in selection mode of Helix
  • 145c3bf: Fix UTF-8 in filename handling for Hole
  • #7943: Fix check for orthogonality when padding/pocketing along a custom direction

Path fixes:

  • #7438: Change Default Drilling Retraction from G99 to G98
  • #7454: Fix for testing verticallity during PathFeedRate generation
  • #7455: Fix for setup-sheet-stepover

Sketcher fixes:

Spreadsheet fixes:

  • #7604: Fix multi-screen management of QtColorPicker
  • #7841: Alias field can’t be set for empty cells

TechDraw fixes:


  • #7389: Fix MacOSX build of FreeCAD 0.20.x
  • #7434: Fix makeWireString for Windows with Python 3.09 and newer


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