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Fragmented – Patch 16.7.2 veröffentlicht

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Der neue Patch 16.7.2 bringt mehr Verbesserungen für die Basis und weitere Gegenstände, wie z.B. Holzzäune, Mauern und Kraftfelder. Zudem behebt der Patch einige Bugs.

Patch 16.7.2 Changelog:


  • Armored Vehicles now feature new sound effects.


  • Bases now have the ability to snap to each other. Bases have a larger threshold for snapping (500 cm away as opposed to 100cm for walls), and will adjust the item’s rotation if needed.
  • Added options for modifying the movement and rotation rate while placing/moving a housing item. (e.g. when using the mouse wheel to move or rotate).
  • Housing items now have either the “Move xxx” or “Adjust Location” option in their secondary use menu, but not both. The dialogs used for both are identical, except the “Adjust Location” does not include the “Attach to Crosshairs” option for moving the item. This is also the same dialog used for placing new housing items. The title of the dialog will indicate which action is occurring (Place, Move, or Adjust).
  • Introduced a new UI to accompany Housing Item placement, along with the same Axis Gizmo recently added to the housing “Adjust Location” feature. With the new UI and gizmo, you will have finer control of item placement, as well as the ability to move your character around the item to be placed, to get a better view, before committing.
  • Modified the housing item axis gizmo, used during placement and moving of items, to show the rotation point more clearly.
  • Fences and walls can now be sunk slightly further into the ground than before.
  • Added an “Enable Snap” option to the Housing Placement dialog. The option will be available when placing or moving items that have snap points defined. At this time, the only items that are snappable are the wood fence, wood/stone/steel walls. wood/stone gates, force field, and force gate.
  • Added a “Minimize Dialog” check box to bottom of “Place Housing Item” dialog. When checked, the dialog will collapse to very small, to free up some screen space while placing an item. The minimization status will be remembered within the same game session.

Items and Fittings

  • Attempting to view a bag in a corpse will now give you a message telling you to loot it first (which will now work properly after being fixed).


  • Corrected an issue with containers (e.g. crates) that was causing a server slow down when validating their position in the world.


  • Reduced pet regeneration rates as they were not taking into account if the pet was in or out of combat and giving full regeneration at all times.
  • Rocharus Pet damage, armor, and health should now scale up appropriately. There was an issue with their data previously.
  • Introduced new Setlang-Mubark Hybrid pets. These hybrid setlangs are the toughest pets in game to date, and feature a special ability which can stun opponents.

Trade Skills

  • You can now create Setlang-Mubark Hybrid pets with a Genetic Engineering skill of 10.

User Interface

  • Reversed the placement of the Options and Quit buttons on the Main Menu.

Vehicles and Mounts

  • Vehicle keys can now be dropped on the ground and picked up by other players, similar to other items.
  • Passengers will no longer be displayed as sitting on the top of Armored Vehicles. Their mesh will be hidden as they are now inside of the tank.
  • Made a number of adjustments the movement of Armored Vehicles. They now have a higher maximum speed, and more traction.
  • Armored Vehicles should find it easier to move up ramps.

Bug Fixes

  • Altered the Hammer Stone description so it is easier to understand what it is used for.
  • Bags looted from a corpse now will properly work after being looted (before a relog would fix). This is using either of the loot buttons or dragging/dropping item.
  • Housing Structure Save is now created if found to be missing. This is to fix an issue with some clients that seem to get stuck loading into single player if the save is missing.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Armored Vehicles to levitate slightly.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the front side passenger seat to indicate that it had no passenger when it actually did.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vulture pets to not remember their guild status in some cases after a relog.
  • Fixed an issue where you would drop a bag and the other player would have to relog to be able to see/use it.

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