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eGroupware 23.1.20230620 Bugfix Release

eGroupware 23.1

Die Groupware und Kollaboration Software basierend auf PHP und Javascript, eGroupware ist in Version 23.1.20230620 veröffentlicht worden. eGroupware bietet im Browser Funktionen wie E-Mail, Kalender, Aufgabenverwaltung, Projektmanagement, Dateimanager, Zeitdokumentation, Kanban-Board, CRM-Funktion, Helpdesk oder Wiki Funktion. 

eGroupware 23.1.20230620 Release Notes

  • Mail: Add new pane option for showing all columns in vertical 3-pane view
  • Mail: fix mixed up inline images and attachments in smime signed messages
  • Calendar: fix external organizer was not notified by mail (and other missing notifications of non-users)
  • Calendar: Fix clicking a day in a different month in sidemenu jumped to wrong date
  • Calendar: Deleting an event sometimes left other user’s alarms
  • Calendar: Adding alarms sometimes gave incorrect “can’t add alarms in the past” error
  • Calendar: History tab showed start / end times in server time, not user time
  • Home: Fix birthdays were not visible
  • Infolog / Tracker: Change timesheet total columns to ignore timesheet ACL
  • Infolog: History tab showed start / due / completed dates in server time, not user time
  • Timesheet: When changing duration, update quantity if it’s not been set to something different
  • Api: Fix custom etemplates were still used after deletion
  • eSync: fix meeting requests confirmed via ActiveSync protocol got wrong time
  • EPL: fixed/completed Wildix PBX implementation
  • All apps: Improve icons and translations
  • full list of changes 23.1.20230524…23.1.20230620
  • Extended release notes

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