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Debian Linux Kernel Security Notes DSA 5402-1

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Im Debian Kernel wurden 3 Sicherheitslücken gefunden. Diese sind in CVE-2023-0386, CVE-2023-31436 und CVE-2023-32233 beschrieben. Die Lücken wurden ab dem Kernel 5.10.179-1 in Debian Stable 11 Bullseye behoben.

Debian Kernel DSA 5402-1 Release Notes


It was discovered that under certain conditions the overlayfs filesystem implementation did not properly handle copy up operations. A local user permitted to mount overlay mounts in user namespaces can take advantage of this flaw for local privilege escalation.


Gwangun Jung reported a a flaw causing heap out-of-bounds read/write errors in the traffic control subsystem for the Quick Fair Queueing scheduler (QFQ) which may result in information leak, denial of service or privilege escalation.


Patryk Sondej and Piotr Krysiuk discovered a use-after-free flaw in the Netfilter nf_tables implementation when processing batch requests, which may result in local privilege escalation for a user with the CAP_NET_ADMIN capability in any user or network namespace.


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