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Dark and Darker Hotfix 19

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Entwickler IRONMACE hat den Hotfix 19 für Dark and Darker veröffentlicht.

Dark and Darker Patch-Notes

New Race

  • A new Lizardmen race has been added and can be unlocked for either 4 Blue Stone Shards or 4 Red Stone Shards. The race is available in three different colors Red, Blue, or Green. Lizardmen have a slightly flatter and elongated head requiring the normal head hitbox to angle forward to match the model. Due to their unusual head orientation, Lizardmen cannot wear any head armor and instead receive an innate +15 +20 armor rating from their leathery scales. This is our first foray attempting to balance a race with a different hitbox. The values of the race stats maybe updated for balance sake. Our hope is if this goes according to plan then we can start experimenting with more daring fantasy races like Dwarves.

Equipment and Loot Drops

  • The drop rate for uncommon and rare items in Normal Dungeons has been improved especially for sub-bosses and higher end chests.
  • The amount of treasures that can drop from chests in all dungeons has been improved.
  • Improved the drops for the Royal Coffins.
  • Slightly improved the drops for the Stone Tombs.
  • Clarity Potions no longer drop as loot in the dungeons.
  • Weapon damage scaling as weapons improve in rarity has been improved. Crossbows, throwable weapons, and magical weapons are exempt from this change.
  • Weapon damage has been increased for daggers, swords, bows, and polearms.
  • WarMaul damage and armor penetration has been reduced.
  • The Battle Axe, Viking Sword Crystal Sword, and Kris Dagger attack animations have been updated.
    • Windup -> Attack -> Combo -> Attack -> Recover
    • Battle Axe
      • Before: 1000ms -> 142ms -> 1691ms -> 200ms -> 1133ms
      • After : 906ms -> 186ms -> 1332ms -> 227ms -> 1014ms
    • Windup -> Attack -> Combo -> Attack -> Combo -> Attack -> Recover
    • Crystal Sword
      • Before: 540ms -> 139ms -> 970ms -> 109ms -> 950ms -> 147ms -> 981ms
      • After : 540ms -> 139ms -> 1351ms -> 109ms -> 1180ms -> 147ms -> 981ms
    • Kris Dagger
      • Before: 512ms -> 126ms -> 894ms -> 157ms -> 365ms -> 109ms -> 912ms
        • After : 574ms -> 154ms -> 786ms -> 157ms -> 232ms -> 152ms -> 859ms
  • Buckler Impact Resistance upgraded from 4 to 6. Yes, the buckler can now block a non-Crush War Maul if you want to risk it.
  • Lute now gives Knowledge as a primary stat starting from ‘Poor’ quality.
  • Flute now gives Agility as a primary stat starting from ‘Poor’ quality.
  • Lyre now gives Resourcefulness as a primary stat starting from ‘Poor’ quality.
  • Northern Full Tunic armor rating reduced.
  • Padded Tunic armor rating reduced and movement speed penalty slightly increased.
  • Regal Gambeson armor rating slightly reduced and move speed penalty slightly increased.
  • Gjermandbu, Barbuta Helm, and Viking Helm armor rating reduced.
  • Armet gives Strength instead of Resourcefulness.
  • Wanderers Outfit gives Agility instead of Knowledge.
  • Doublet gives Agility instead of Knowledge and movement speed penalty slightly increased.
  • Occultist Hood gives Magical Healing instead of Magical Resist.
  • Wizard Hat gives Magical Power instead of Magical Resist.
  • Wizard Shoe gives Magical Power instead of Magical Resist.
  • Dread Hood now gives 15% Buff Duration bonus.

Random Modifier improvements:

  • Minimum Action Speed: 0.1% → 0.5%.
  • Minimum Armor Rating: 1 → 2.
  • Minimum Move speed add: 1 → 2.
  • Minimum Spell Casting Speed: 0.1% casting speed → 0.5% min.
  • Buff duration: 1-3% & 2-5% → 3-5% & 5-10%.
  • Regular Interaction Speed: 1-3% & 2-5% → 5-7.5% & 10-15%.
  • Magical Interaction Speed: 1-3% & 2-5% → 5-7.5% & 10-15%.
  • Fixed an issue where the debuff duration bonus option was being applied in reverse.


  • Spell count recharge when resting significantly improved. Recharge interval reduced from 3s → 2s, and the amount of spell cost gained upgraded from 8 → 17.
  • Updated the amount of players and portals for each locale.
  • Goblin Caves set for 7 players and now has 4 escape portals and 1 fixed escape.
  • Ruins set for 16 players and now has 12 escape portals.
  • Howling Crypts set for 18 players and now has 10 escape portals and 3 fixed escapes. Also has 4 down portals and 3 fixed down locations. The fixed down locations can be used by multiple players and do not close.
  • Inferno set for 15 players and now has 7 escape portals.
  • Proximity VoIP has been disabled and all player names are hidden during the Base Camp phase of the game.
  • Shrine of Protection’s Physical Damage Reduction buff reduced from 15% → 5% and Magical Damage Reduction buff reduced from 20% → 5%.
  • Shrine of Power’s Physical Power buff reduced from 30 → 15.
  • Fountain of Speed’s Movespeed buff reduced from 50 → 10.


  • Fighter’s Adrenaline Spike Perk activation point changed from when remaining health reaches below 15% -> below 40%. (Bugged – still activates below 15%)
  • Fighter’s Adrenaline Spike duration changed from 8s → 12s.
  • Fighter’s Adrenaline Rush debuff duration has been changed from 4s → 2s.
  • Fighter’s Taunt now also grants 10% magical damage reduction bonus in addition to the original physical damage reduction bonus.


  • Barbarian’s Carnage now grants +75 Armor Rating for 7 seconds instead of +10 Strength after a target is killed.
  • Barbarian’s Axe Specialization now increases weapon damage by +3 instead of 10% Physical Damage Bonus.
  • Barbarian’s Achilles Strike debuff duration on the target increased from 2s → 4s.
  • Barbarian’s Blood Exchange duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds, and life steal amount increased from 5% to 15%.
  • Barbarian’s Life Siphon has been renamed to War Sacrifice. Now costs 10% of maximum health as a life sacrifice over 8 seconds and increases all attributes by 4 → 5.


  • Rogue’s Hand Crossbow Mastery perk also increases crossbow weapon damage by +2.
  • Rogue’s Double Jump perk no longer confers a landing penalty, but instead grants a -20 movement speed penalty when the perk is equipped.
  • Rogue’s Weakpoint Attack skill’s debuff duration has been reduced from 4s → 3s, and armor rating reduction on the target has been increased from 30% → 40%.
  • Rogue’s Cut Throat cooldown changed from 28s → 14s.


  • Ranger’s Ranged Weapon Mastery perk physical damage bonus increased from 5% → 10%.
  • Ranger’s Crippling Shot perk now has the additional movement speed penalty applied to the target increased to 25% instead of 15% when shooting a target’s legs.


  • Cleric’s secondary default weapon changed from Wizard Staff to Spellbook.
  • Cleric’s Lesser Healing spell count amount changed from 4 → 3, casting time slightly increased from 1s → 1.25s.
  • Cleric’s Holy Strike now has a 0.5 second delay before dealing damage.
  • Cleric’s Holy Light spell count amount 4 → 3, casting time increased from 2s → 2.5s, and heal base decreased from 30 → 25.
  • Cleric’s Earthquake spell count amount decreased from 2 → 1.
  • Cleric’s Locusts Swarm spell count amount decreased from 2 → 1.


  • Wizard’s Haste no longer grants movement speed bonus, but instead increases spell casting speed bonus by 12%.
  • Wizard’s Invisibility now leaves an afterimage every 1.5 seconds.


  • Bard’s base attributes updated. Strength 14 → 13, Will 7 → 8.
  • Bard’s Encore skill now plays the next song at the maximum song playing speed.
  • Bard’s Shriek of Weakness AOE range changed from 300/450/600 → 300/300/300.
  • Bard’s Song of Silence AOE range changed from 300/450/600 → 300/300/300, and now only silences all enemies instead of everyone.
  • Bard’s Chorale of Clarity spell recharge interval changed from 3s → 2s, amount changed from 8 → 17.
  • The Luck value given by Bard’s Wanderer’s Luck has been changed from 100 → 50.


  • The cost of all spells used by the Warlock has been reduced.
  • Warlock’s Torture Mastery now doubles the cost of the spell.

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