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Dark and Darker Hotfix 18

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Entwickler IRONMACE hat den Hotfix 18 für Dark and Darker veröffentlicht.

Dark and Darker Patch-Notes

Unlisted Changes

  • Nerfed 1 slot treasures gold value prices, Buffed bigger ones.
  • Increased Ruins Escape Portal number: 8 -> 10


  • Fixed location escape/down portals added to the Crypt for testing.
  • Inferno play time has been increased by 2 minutes.
  • Additional stash space can be rented. This feature is temporary.
  • Alchemist and Surgeon no longer sell out of health potions and bandages.
  • Crystal Ball is now sold by the Fortune Teller.
  • You can sell coin purses and coin bags to merchants.
  • Item rarity is now displayed in item information panel.


  • Random modifiers for items have been changed.
  • Certain item modifiers now only appear on certain parts.
  • Certain item modifiers do not appear together.
  • Bandages and Potions stack to x3 in inventory and stash.
  • Most craft items now stack in the inventory and stash.
  • Coin Bag capacity increased from 500 → 1000 gold coins.
  • Coin Chest capacity increased from 3,000 → 10,000 gold coins.
  • Added equip time for Crossbows.
  • Arrows now stack up to 20.
  • The damage of Crossbow and Longbow has been reduced.
Crossbow & Longbow
Crossbow & Longbow
  • Loot drops have been rebalanced. There will now be less loot drops overall.


  • The leaderboard will now remain visible until the next season’s rankings begin.
  • To avoid potential abuse, all players ranked in the top 100 after the leaderboard ends will receive decay points equal to the length of the leaderboard dates. Players who start the leaderboards from day 1 will not receive any additional decay once the leaderboard has finished.


  • Fixed an issue where Arcane Shield could not reactivate.
  • Fixed an issue where Smokepot was malfunctioning.
  • Fixed an issue where Smite could be applied twice.
  • Fixed an issue where more additional damage than intended was being applied when calculating magic damage. (Players and monsters no longer have extra -10% Magical Damage Reduction)
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.


  • Blow of Corruption’s duration after activation has been reduced from 12 → 8 seconds.
  • Blow of Corruption’s additional magic damage reduced from 20 → 15.


  • Ranger’s default arrows increased from 30 → 40.

Quelle: Patch:6.1 – Dark and Darker Wiki (

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