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BigBlueButton Update 2.6.11 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Webkonferenzsystems mit Integration in verschiedene Lern- und Inhaltsplattformen, haben das Bugfix Release 2.6.11 veröffentlicht. Dieses Releases behebt Fehler u.a. im HTML5 Client und Core und Recording. Die Updates sorgen so für mehr Stabilität des Webkonferenzsystems BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton 2.6.11 Release Notes

HTML5 client


  • fix: Improve Focus When Changing Modal Tabs With Keyboard by @KDSBrowne in #18331
  • fix(accessibility): Enhance Color Contrast, Language Dropdown, and Screen Reader Feedback by @KDSBrowne in #18327
  • fix: Whiteboard Crash When Switching Between Zoomed-In Slides by @KDSBrowne in #18267
  • fix: Whiteboard Cursor Offset Switching Back To Custom Layout by @KDSBrowne in #18235
  • fix: Add Quick Poll Options For ‘F’ And ‘G’ by @KDSBrowne in #18286
  • fix: Add Resize Event When Whiteboard Mounts by @KDSBrowne in #18301
  • fix: panning with space bar shortcut does not work by @ramonlsouza in #18201
  • fix: Preserve pinned notes after screenshare by @ramonlsouza in #18274
  • fix: Promote and demote users is reopening closed private chats by @ramonlsouza in #18299
  • fix: Multiple selection polling not showing entirely a long option line by @ramonlsouza in #18315
  • fix(accessibility): implement the list of users within the session logs as a list by @ramonlsouza in #18322
  • fix: pinning shared notes should restore presentation by @Scroody in #18236
  • fix: Fix join audio in breakout room by @GuiLeme in #18316
  • fix: Make quick poll result labels consistent with the uploaded slides by @GuiLeme in #18321
  • fix(accessibility): Restore Roving Functionality To User Chats And Captions List by @KDSBrowne in #18347
  • fix: use connection id to determine if a user is ejected or not by @schrd in #18298
  • fix(sec): Improve text sanitizing of lobby messages by @Tainan404 in 304bc85 expect an advisory in 30 days or shortly after



  • Updates for bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json in fa_IR on branch v2.6.x-release by @transifex-integration in #18326
  • Updates for bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json in ko_KR by @transifex-integration in #18264
  • Updates for bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json in zh_TW by @transifex-integration in #18269
  • Updates for bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json in es by @transifex-integration in #18208
  • Updates for bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json in es_ES by @transifex-integration in #18209
  • Updates for bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json in gl by @transifex-integration in #18210
  • Updates for bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json in uk_UA by @transifex-integration in #18213


build and configuration


  • [Snyk] Security upgrade bbbevents from 1.2.0 to 2.0.0 by @jfederico in #18206

Full Changelogv2.6.10…v2.6.11

Release name

Passing -v focal-260 to will always install the latest released BigBlueButton 2.6 version.

If for some reason you would like to install this specific release, pass -v focal-260-2.6.11.

We still recommend using -v focal-260 as this repository is continually updated with each BigBlueButton 2.6 release.

Client build: 674

Quelle: Release BigBlueButton 2.6.11 · bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton · GitHub

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