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BigBlueButton 2.6.6 Bugfix Release

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Die Entwickler des Open-Source Webkonferenzsystems mit Integration in verschiedene Lern- und Inhaltsplattformen, haben das Bugfix Release 2.6.6 veröffentlicht. Dieses Releases beheb Fehler u.a. im HTML5 Client für iPhone und iPads. Die Updates sorgen so für mehr Stabilität des Webkonferenzsystems BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton 2.6.6 Release Notes

This 2.6 iteration contains fixes to the client and a change to nginx configuration for shared notes. An issue with timeout causing bbb-html5-frontend failure (whiteboard marks not propagating being a symptom) has been addressed. Also Meteor/NodeJS for bbb-html5 has been upgraded to 2.12/14.21.3 and we have switched to using Meteor’s Node 14 Extended Support Maintenance

HTML5 client


  • fix: Draggable cameras when presentation minimized. by @Scroody in #17676
  • fix: Bigger presentation now restore on update as well by @Scroody in #17558
  • fix: duplicate messages when start a new chat by @Tainan404 in #17800
  • fix: Meteor migration async annotation tweaks by @Scroody in #17798
  • fix: Cameras don’t obstruct buttons anymore. by @Scroody in #17705
  • fix: Transfer button not displayed in tablets by @diegobenetti in #17744
  • fix: Part of the camera border is not resizable when positioned below the chat by @ramonlsouza in #17759
  • fix: typing indicator does not work in private chat by @ramonlsouza in #17728
  • fix: cursor not appearing for non-presenter when multi-user whiteboard is enabled by @ramonlsouza in #17806
  • fix: Default cursor not appearing when entering meeting. by @Scroody in #17792
  • fix: Use meteor.setTimeout to keep call inside fiber by @paultrudel in #17817
  • fix(chat): character limit warning is not removed on submit by @ramonlsouza in #17818
  • chore: Upgrade Meteor from 2.10 to 2.12 by @antobinary in #17790
  • [Snyk] Security upgrade yaml from 1.10.2 to 2.2.2 by @antobinary in #17709
  • refactor: adding logs for closing the connection due to invalid user by @antobinary in #17820



  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘uk_UA’ by @transifex-integration in #17748
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘eu’ by @transifex-integration in #17794
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘sv_SE’ by @transifex-integration in #17799
  • Translate ‘bigbluebutton-html5/public/locales/en.json’ in ‘ja’ by @transifex-integration in #17825


build and configuration

  • nginx config: Allow overriding the $scheme variable by @kepstin in #17732


Full Changelogv2.6.5…v2.6.6

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