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Die auf realitätsnahe Fahrzeugphysik in Echtzeit setzende Fahrsimulation, des deutschen Entwicklerstudios BeamNG GmbH, erhielt das Update v0.29. Das Update bringe Neuerungen und behebt Fehler. Zudem gibt es neue Fahrzeuge, Strecken, Levels, Missionen und Sounds uvm. v0.29 Release Notes Soliad Lansdale Fahrzeug Soliad Lansdale Fahrzeug

NEW VEHICLE: Soliad Lansdale

  • Features I4, V6 and V8 engines with AWD
  • With plenty of customization with body kits and off-road accessories
  • Includes factory cargo van, base, midrange, high-end and sport models
  • Diesel-powered European models
  • Decked-out tuner configurations
  • The usual complement of Derby, Race, Rally and Drag configurations
  • New working sliding doors
  • Included in the lineup of new ‘Gambler 500’ configurations
  • New Soliad wheels: Platinum (17×7), Requiem (17×7), Chariot (16×7) and Emerald (15×7)

Autobello Piccolina

  • Added ‘Gambler 500 – La Brutta Anatra’ configuration with new front suspension and bathtub
  • This “ugly duckling” with an Italian flair owes its existence to an antique dealer’s resourcefulness and ingenuity. This unorthodox blend of salvaged Piccolina parts, a charming Italian bathtub, and agricultural rear wheels is mounted atop an extended suspension from a classic dragster. Talk about Italian practicality! Now, you can haul vast amounts of garbage and enjoy a bath with rubber ducks after a hard day’s work!
  • Added ‘Drag’ configuration
  • Added option to install engines and transmissions from the SBR4
  • Updated ‘Street Machine’ config to use SBR4 engine
  • Improved and optimized rollcage and cage meshes on ‘Baja’ config
  • Improved brake meshes

Civetta Bolide

  • Added 6×4 ‘Gambler 500 – Iron Owl’ config utilizing Legran drivetrain
  • Once burnt to a crisp, this Bolide was taken apart and reconstructed into a 6-wheel engineering marvel. Fitted with a drivetrain from the Bruckell LeGran Campagne, it channels that power to the four rear wheels for a truly unique driving experience.
  • Fixed issue with bumper break groups
  • Cherrier FCV
    • Small tweak to steering damper
  • ETK I-Series
    • Updated interior materials to PBR
  • Gavril D-Series
    • Fixed mapping on column shifter
  • Gavril Grand Marshal
    • Added ‘Gambler 500 – Grand Scavenger’ config
    • When confronted with a pile of rusted pipes, beams, and chains, what’s a gearhead to do? Surely, install all of it on a Gavril and let it gracefully rust together with the car. Enhanced with thick metal bumpers and a perfectly engineered snorkel, it’s capable of tackling the toughest challenges.
  • Ibishu 200BX
  • Ibishu Covet
    • Added ‘Gambler 500 – The Unstable’ half-tractor 3 wheeled, 3 wheel drive config
    • This daring abomination’s story began with a rear-ended Covet that lay rotting in a farmer’s front yard next to a broken tractor. Of course, the only reasonable next step would be to merge the two. The Unstable’s drivetrain incorporates an assortment of PTO shafts and 90 angle gearboxes from some old mowers, and a 1.8 engine from a retired Pessima to give it a slight chance of climbing at least something.
  • Added ‘Gambler 500 – The Incapable’ half-trailer config
  • Constructed by a friend of the abovementioned farmer, this truck is designed to accompany the half-tractor on its Gambler adventures. Lacking a spare tractor, the creator of The Incapable opted to simply weld the back of a trailer to the Covet shell instead.
  • Fixed Automatic transmission shift behavior

Ibishu Pigeon

  • Added ‘Gambler 500 – Poogeon’ config with D-Series rear axle and Porta Potty
  • Who doesn’t love a wilderness adventure with friends – fresh air, sizzling steaks, and refreshing drinks? Alas, when nature calls in a facility-deprived landscape, problems may soon arise… After ending up in a such predicament, the author of this creation has firmly pledged to never let it repeat! With a rear axle from a truck, a powerful welded bed and a technologically advanced snorkel, this little companion is able to get to any mission-critical location.

Soliad Wendover

  • Added ‘Gambler 500 – Croco’ config
  • Surrounded by rumbling vehicles and debris, sometimes it’s so refreshing to see something green, alive… with a pair of eyes, a tail and a huge jaw! Its teeth may made of rubber bands, but it’s no laughing matter when it bites.
  • Box Utility Trailer
    • Updated tailgate to use latch system
    • Updated lights
  • Common
    • Updated rally part materials to PBR
    • Updated Soliad hubcaps to PBR
    • Added new shared 4 inch and 2 inch LED lights
  • Props
    • Added Porta Potty prop
    • Added Bathtub prop
    • Added Engine props


  • Added new trash piles instances
  • Added new trash bags assets


  • Added a new Mission Type: Trash Grab – clean up a required amount of trash in the least amount of time
  • Added 25 new Missions across various maps:
    • East Coast USA: Barrel Master, Warbler Trail, Cuckoo Sprint, Sawmill Brawl, Forest Cleanup, Fields Cleanup
    • Industrial Site: Catwalk Capers, Race Day Renovations, Motor Head, Dirty Tires
    • Johnson Valley: Track Day, Desert Hauler, Rubbish Rustler, Toughman’s Trail
    • Jungle Rock Island: Tropical Toboggan, Potty Shaker, Jungle Rumble
    • Small Island: HooptieX – Small Island, Pollution at the Dock, Wreck Recovery, Rough Road Test, Litter Liberator
    • Utah: HooptieX – Utah, Camp Cleanup, Sunshine Sprint


  • Enabled automatic headlights for missions during dawn, dusk, or night
  • Fixed a case of missing navigation markers for Delivery missions (if enabled)

Input & Force Feedback

  • Improved resilience to stick drift by increasing the default deadzone in all sticks present on Fanatec steering wheels
  • Added configuration for the new Moza R12 wheel base
  • Added configuration for Genius TwinWheel PC/PS2 steering wheel
  • Configured pedals in all Moza wheelbases, as well as tweaked button configurations, and improved default steering lock angle
  • Simucube 2 Ultimate now ships a generic configuration that is compatible with all possible steering wheel rims, rather than being tailored to only a Tahko GT-21 rim model
  • Slightly tweaked force feedback for the Logitech G29


  • Added new asphalt skid sounds
  • Fixed near silent bypass shocks
  • Improved and added new interior sounds for greater variety
  • Set up sounds for Soliad Lansdale
  • Set up sounds for Gambler 500 vehicles

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