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Backpack Battles Patch 0.7.2

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Entwickler PlayWithFurcifer hat ein Patch für das Strategiespiel Backpack Battles veröffentlicht.

Backpack Battles Patch Notes:

  • NEW RECIPE: Magic Torch
  • NEW RECIPE: Platinum Customer Card
  • Bags can now be picked up with items inside
  • When dropping an item onto multiple items, these will now shift inside the bag when they find a new space instead of being thrown to the storage box
  • Dropping a bag onto another bag will replace it and pick up the replaced bag with its contents – to get the old behavior (swapping without contents), press Ctrl. You can switch the default/modified behavior in the Options.
  • Unique chances are back to normal!


  • Darkest Lotus: Removed Mana limit. Now always generates Mana and removes buffs.
  • Darksaber is now crafted with Corrupted Crystal
  • Potion Belt: Random buff is now gained when the first potion is consumed
  • Present: Reduced value of generated items
  • Gingerbread Jerry: Cooldown 4s -> 3s, Regeneration 2 -> 3
  • Artifact Stone: Heat: Heat threshold 15 -> 10, bonus damage 10 -> 8
  • Goobert: Heal 10 -> 9
  • Torch/Burning Torch: damage increase now triggers “on Hit” instead “on Attack” (this is mostly for consistency)
  • Vampiric Gloves: Vampirism 6 -> 5
  • Cursed Dagger: Cooldown 2.3s -> 2.2s
  • Mr. Struggles: Debuff reflect chance 25% -> 35%
  • Demonic Flask: Damage per debuff 0.3 -> 0.35
  • Impractically Large Greatsword: Empower threshold 7 -> 6
  • Fancy Fencing Rapier: Cooldown 1.7s -> 1.6s
  • Crossblades: Damage +1
  • Blood Harvester: Damage +2


  • Fixed “Survive x more rounds” text sometimes not showing the number
  • Fixed max hp and gold being displayed wrong when continuing a run
  • Present can no longer give a second Deck of Cards
  • Item library: fixed incorrectly categorized items when filtering by stack


  • Added a bit of squashing to the damage-taken animation
  • Shop tooltip now shows chances for sales and Uniques
  • Added particles when Magic Staff uses Mana
  • Changed Item Library filter defaults: Now all items are shown without grouping
  • Removed “Compact” layouting option to save some space (now always on)
  • Added highlighting to character sheet

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