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Backpack Battles Hotfix Patch

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Entwickler PlayWithFurcifer hat ein Patch für das Strategiespiel Backpack Battles veröffentlicht.

Backpack Battles Patch Notes:


  • Fixed Present related crashes



  • Burning Blade: Fixed not generating Heat
  • Duffle Bag: Now triggers with the same condition as Health Potion
  • Blood Harvester: Now affects Mega Clover
  • Fixed Dragon Nest and Staff of Fire being draggable in combat
  • Reaper’s alternative chibi skin now shows the bag
  • Fixed some combat log issues related to Dark Lantern


  • Flame now has a light effect
  • Some translation improvements


  • Shield of Valor/Sun Shield/Moon Shield now work with Gloves of Power
  • Fixed Impractically Large Greatsword/Busted Blade interaction with Anvil
  • Blood Harvester now affects Frostbite
  • Death Scythe now affects Emerald Whelp
  • Sun Shield can now actually block ranged attacks
  • Fixed Lucky Piggy showing a filled star on Obsidian Dragon
  • Fixed item tooltip staying on screen after closing item library
  • Fixed cursor drift caused by having a controller plugged in



  • Blood Harvester now affects Miss Fortune
  • Generated Flames and Lucky Clovers no longer instantly fuse uncontrollably
  • Fixed visual tooltip bug with Rat’s Blind chance when increased by Lucky Piggy
  • Fixed Flames sometimes falsely displaying the Holy type
  • Combat log: Reincarnate health is now capped at maximum health
  • Combat log: Maximum health is now updated correctly


  • Visual: Generated Gems/Flames/Lucky Clovers now move to their slot instead of appearing instantly


Added gamepad reconfiguration to the options – The game can now be played with controller! Please let us know if you are experiencing technical issues with the controller support!


  • Fixed Snake not protecting Poison
  • Combat log: “Battle rage ended” is now logged for the correct character
  • Spell Scroll: Frostbolt can now be affected by Ranger Bag etc.
  • Wolf Emblem is now consistent with its text and only affects weapons


  • Added animation for Spell Scroll: Frostbolt

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