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Hunt Showdown Update 1.16


Entwickler Crytek hat das Update 1.16 für Hunt Showdown veröffentlicht.

Hunt Showdown Patch-Notes


  • Increased the splash damage from Explosive Ammo against AI and Targets.
  • Increased headshot range on Explosive Ammo.
    • Springfield 1866 Explosive Ammo increased to 175m from 94m.
    • Martini-Henry IC1 Explosive Ammo increased to 309m from 287m.
    • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Explosive Ammo increased to 83m from 35m.
  • Slightly reduced the recoil of the Vetterli Cyclone and decreased reload time.
  • Increased the damage of the LeMat Mark II UpperMat to 126 from 120.
  • Changed the slot size of the Combat Axe, Katana, and Railroad Hammer to a Small Slot instead of a Medium Slot.
  • Slightly increased the damage of Dumdum Ammo against Boss Targets.
  • Changed Aperture sights to now remember the position they were in after being revived.


  • Inspect animations for all Consumables and non-melee Tools have been added.
    • Every Weapon, Tool, and Consumable now has a corresponding Inspect animation! Yes, even the Beetles.
  • Increased view distance when in Beetle View.
  • Increased the headshot damage on Grunts, Hives, and Hellhounds.
  • Increased Long Ammo damage on Grunts.
  • Reduced the damage of melee Tools against Boss Targets.
  • Added a few Consumables to the Toolbox (both the Consumable and world-spawned boxes):
    • Big Dynamite Bundle
    • Hellfire Bomb
    • Vitality Shot (Weak)
    • Decreased chance to receive a Frag Bomb
  • Increased the Ammo Resupply for Starshell and Penny Shot Ammo
  • Lightfoot now triggers the quiet crouch audio when walking across / through noise traps (e.g. broken glass, hanging chains). Sprinting across / through them still plays the louder audio.
  • Increased stamina consumption for the Knuckle Knife, for both heavy and light attacks.
  • Decreased the spawn rate of world-spawned melee Weapons around Boss Target Lairs.
  • Decreased the duration of the Antidote Shot and Antidote Shot (Weak).
    • Antidote Shot now lasts 10 minutes, down from 20 minutes.
    • Antidote Shot (Weak) now lasts 5 minutes, down from 10 minutes.
  • Increased the time to revive dead (red-skulled) teammates to 10s from 4s (when carrying Bounty Token or when using Peacekeeper Trait).
  • Changed reviving dead (red-skulled) teammates to deal burn 50 damage over the course of the revive. The last health point cannot be lost that way, as before.


  • Refunding Traits now always grants a minimum of 1 Upgrade Point, even for 1-Point Traits.
  • Reduced some Hunt Dollar rewards tied to Bloodline Rank Progression.
  • Swapped the unlock Rank of Kiteskin (now Rank 51) and Hundred Hands (now Rank 16).
  • Only one free Recruit is available when your Hunt Dollar account balance drops below 20,000 Hunt Dollars, per Mission.
  • Removed unlimited Recruitment reshuffle when below 20,000 Hunt Dollars.
  • Reduced the availability of certain high-end Weapons for Free and low-Tier Recruits.
  • Reduced the number of Traits for each Recruit Tier:
    • Free and Tier 1 Recruits: 1 Trait.
    • Tier 2 Recruits: 2 Traits.
    • Tier 3 Recruits: 3 Traits.
  • Reduced selection rate of some high value Traits for Recruits.
  • Increased the minimum combined Upgrade Point value of Traits for Legendary Hunters
    • If a Legendary Hunter’s Traits are worth less than 11 Upgrade Points, they will receive the difference as separate Upgrade Points that can be spent at will.
  • Hunters can now only be retired at Level 50. Retiring grants reduced Bloodline XP.


Two more Burn Traits permanently join the roster in this update. Like the other Burn Traits, they can be found randomly in Missions or dropped from Meatheads.

  • Rampage: Killing an enemy Hunter while at least one Health Chunk is empty triggers a Restoration for your Hunter.
  • Remedy: Using Dark Sight, interact with a Trait Spur within range to trigger a Restoration effect similar to banishing for your team’s Hunters. (25m)


  • Slight volume tweaks to Ash Bloom to be a bit less intrusive overall.
  • Thundershower audio is now a bit louder when inside a building, better balancing the volume differences between indoors and outdoors.
  • Systemic improvement to footstep audio – the footstep sound should play more consistently and predictably on uneven surfaces and objects that have “gaps” in them.


Contract Rotation

The Standard Contract is the only Contract offered during Update 1.16. It has the following Times of Day/Conditions:

  • Gold
  • Neutral
  • Sunset
  • Thundershower
  • Fog
  • Sundown
  • Serpent Night
  • Night
  • Ash Bloom


  • Kingsnake Mine: Placed barrels at a horse cart to allow access onto the side building’s balcony.

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