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7 Days to Die Update A21.2 b26 EXP

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Entwickler The Fun Pimps hat das Update A21.2 b26 Experimental für 7 Days to Die veröffentlicht.

7 Days to Die Patch-Notes:


  • Checks for network data to mitigate some possible attacks


  • Updated V2, V3, and V4 commercial doors that were missing the EntityCollisionRules script so the frames are not interactable
  • Removed the legacy downgrade path for steel ladders
  • Removed the bonus wood block damage from Shotgun Slugs
  • Updated colliders on all facade shape blocks to prevent camera shake when walked on


  • “White River Supplies” stays in your inventory after dying on Permanent Death
  • Player Stats not reset on permadeath
  • Missing tag that would allow robotics to get instant kills while holding a stun baton and Physician Rank 5
  • Junkyard_01 – door was not linked to switch

Twitch Integration


  • #destroy_backpack and #destroy armor for Twitch Extras
  • Larger group spawns for Twitch Extras
  • Bit Horde groups for zombies and teleport up extra
  • It was UnBEARable to not have a horde of bears to spawn


  • Double Spawns is now an extra
  • Made all Twitch/GameEvent spawns more aggressive


  • Destroy Safe Zone can destroy bedrock blocks
  • Sub / Gift Sub kills should count to receive the bit pot
  • Extended the cooldown of the mystery supplies
  • Murder Chickens are now more murdery
  • Murder Chickens can now find you easier…
  • Forced targeting of Twitch Spawns was timing out after 30 seconds
  • Block events should not complete while the player is in the air
  • Teleport_up should not be used while you are on a vehicle

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