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7 Days to Die Update A20.4 b38 EXP

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Entwickler The Fun Pimps haben das neue Update A20.4 b38 Experimental veröffentlicht. Interessierte Spieler können sich die Version über die Steam Einstellungen (latest_experimental – Unstable build) herunterladen lassen.

7 Days to Die Zombie
7 Days to Die Zombie

A20.4 b38 changelog


  • Language selection under Video > UI. Defaults to the platform’s language (on Steam the language that is selected in Steam for the game, otherwise the host system’s language)
  • EOS P2P networking for cross platform P2P games
  • Destroy area attacks partial blocks it moves into 
  • AI ApproachAndAttackTarget decreases path update rate at farther distances 
  • Path generation canceling on a new path request 
  • Cr console command u, utimed and ue parameters 


  • Launcher on Windows now stores log files in %APPDATA%/7DaysToDie/logs folder
  • Screenshots are stored in <UserDataFolder>/Screenshots (i.e. the folder that also stores saves, e.g. on Windows %APPDATA%/7DaysToDie/Screenshots) 
  • Mods are now loaded from <UserDataFolder>/Mods (i.e. the folder that also stores saves, e.g. on Windows %APPDATA%/7DaysToDie/Mods) in addition to <game folder>/Mods. In a future build this will change to only load from that new location so no data is written/changed in the program folder at any time. 
  • Reduced sleeper volume attack target time 
  • Changed SkyManager to explicitly set shadowCustomResolution for the moon and sun lights based on the ingame “Shadow Distance” setting: 1k for Low/Medium, 2k for High, and 4k for Ultra/Ultra+. This gives more consistent results in terms of performance and fidelity when changing the setting, regardless of the user’s output screen resolution. 
  • MacOS builds target x86_64 only for now until third party code supports M1 you can still run the game on M1 Macs with Rosetta, but you no longer manually have to enable it 
  • Reduced achievement goals for: Dying, PvP kills, game stage, and staying alive 
  • Favorite and history servers are now stored independently of Steam 
  • Removed display name from non-lootable produce baskets 
  • Improved path generation state switching and aborting 
  • Optimised SpeedTree shaders by multicompiling a version without FadeOut behaviour and automatically swapping to it whenever the FadeOut value is set to 1 (fully opaque). 


  • Giving the same command line argument to the dedi multiple times causes exception but no startup abort 
  • Errors in dedi config does not cause the server to immediately shut down after the errors are logged 
  • Client side NRE spam after kicking a player with ESC menu open 
  • Opening the map on a controller attempts to open On Screen Keyboard 
  • Vulture sleepers flapping when spawned 
  • Cases of falling into ground if chunk colliders reallocated during baking 
  • Rare invisible chunk colliders if changed and cleared during baking 
  • Drone’s light doesn’t affect player stealth 
  • Junk drone dye not applying to all tint parts 
  • Drone dye displays differently between clients and hosts  Dedi and P2P issues 
  • Only the first Drone Cargo Mod can be added by drag and drop 
  • Ranged actions doing tool belt notifies more than once per execute 
  • Sporadically vehicles can reload underground and get moved (IsChunkAreaCollidersLoaded check) 
  • Silly votes and actions conflict with each other. 
  • Activating quest marker at POI can reset adjacent POI 
  • Robotic turrets stop working when placed higher than where the player is standing 
  • Removed Unity Screen Selector option from game launcher as Unity does no longer support this 
  • 2 wheeled vehicles are very good at climbing vertical walls 
  • Zombie pathing/digging can fail/struggle when the player is too far underground 
  • Fixed shadow clipping bug in the SpeedTree8 shader by implementing Unity’s SHADOW_CASTER macros to correctly handle shadow pancaking. 
  • Server list not updating the table when new data for an existing entry comes in 
  • Changing server list sorting did not apply until filters are changed or a new server shown 
  • Resetting filters in the server browser causes any filter fields that are min/max input only (like game days) to fail 
  • Playing doctor achievement triggers without proper requirements 
  • Billboard shapes had inconsistent harvest events 
  • Players can be damaged and rag dolled by vehicles on log in 
  • Treasure chest appears in the same spot as previously looted treasure chest. 
  • Occasional NullRef’s when decapitating wolves, mountain lions and deer as client on dedicated server 
  • Typo with some repair lists using forged iron could not be repaired 


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