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Phasmophobia Update v0.6.1.4


Entwickler Kinetic Games hat ein weiteres Update für Phasmophobia veröffentlicht. Das Oster Event wurde zudem entfernt.

Patch Notes:


  • Added a cooler box hiding spot outside the cabin
  • Ghosts can now leave fingerprints on locker doors


  • Removed the Easter egg hunt
  • Optimised several Maple Lodge Campsite textures to lower RAM usage
  • Adjusted the Tanglewood basement hiding spot to help it be more consistent
  • The VR voice toggle button is now on the right controller (The controls screen will be updated in the next patch)
  • Grabbing the journal and walkie talkie in VR is now much easier in VR
  • Optimized the mesh that fingerprints use
  • Small tent doors are now easier to grab in VR


  • Cornhole boards in Maple Lodge Campsite will now render correctly from a distance
  • You can now grab the wooden doors in Prison in VR
  • The candle flame will now render correctly
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the journal UI
  • Removed the visual artefact on the fairy light posts
  • Dirty water will no longer be overly dark
  • The keyboard in Willow will now have the correct texture
  • Video options’ text will no longer clip in the main menu; when using languages other than English
  • Other VR players can no longer hover items of your belt which caused your belt highlight to activate
  • The VR UI indicator for Prison cell doors will now line up with your hand


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