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3DMark Update 2.28.8205

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Entwickler UL Solutions hat das Update 2.28.8205 für das Benchmark Tool 3DMark veröffentlicht.

3DMark Patch-Notes:


  • Added updated results screen for feature tests and stress tests.


  • Updated Port Royal to v1.3.1.1
  • Updated Speed Way to v1.0.8.1

Port Royal v1.3.1.1

3DMark Port Royal scores may vary slightly depending on GPU architecture. For reliable comparison of hardware, we recommend comparing scores from only the latest version of Port Royal.

  • Fixed an issue where shadows would sometimes flicker during benchmark runs.
  • Fixed some issues where the test would sometimes fail without presenting an error.
  • Fixed an issue in the TAA pass that occasionally caused visual artifacts.

Speed Way

This is a minor update. Benchmark results are not affected.

  • Fixed an issue where the test would use incorrect flags for ByteAddressBuffer shader resource views, causing the test to render incorrectly on some hardware.

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