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Welcome to ParadiZe Update New Zombot

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Entwickler Eko Software hat ein Update für das Zombie, Abenteuer Rollenspiel “Welcome to ParadiZe” veröffentlicht. 

Welcome to ParadiZe Patch-Notes

Major changes

  • You can now control a third Zombot! Unlock more Hacking skills to have them control two more.
  • Have your zombies rally on your position by using the “Recall” feature ([A] on keyboards, [LB] on controllers).
  • [PC ONLY] Added DLSS.
  • Added feedback for Perpetual Attacks (wild zombies regularly attacking the camp): Menace level is now always displayed on the camp HUD (top-left corner when player menu is open) and Shelter interaction menu. Notifications will pop up when menace is high enough.
  • Zombots do not block the player anymore.
  • Updated the Hacking skill-tree (helping unlock the Chain hack skill faster).
  • Changed the Grenade and Decoy crafting recipes making them easier to be made.
  • Camp fences are now sturdier.
  • Regular, Critical and Reduced hits are now colored differently.
  • Buffed the Ivy and Snow Queen boss fights (more HP & special attacks).
  • Wild zombies hit harder!
  • Added two chests with new helmets for the City Armor.
  • Added a quest to be able to bring back the 2 last golden knives to Pedro.
  • Players joining public games as Guests cannot create / move / delete building or take items in the shared inventory.
  • Fixed a bug resetting all player settings.

Other changes:

  • Added a notification and tutorial when unlocking a Zombot.
  • Added a popup when the player selects a deprecated save, warning them of a skill tree reset.
  • Weapon knock-back and damage now depends on distance.
  • Explosion damage is now based on radius.
  • Added a new camp after the entrance to City 3.
  • Added a few Zombots with explosive vests in the Desert.
  • Added decapitation with a charged spear attack.
  • Added a recipe sprite for the upgraded bandages.
  • Papa Davis loses his arms’ invulnerability buff when all other parts are destroyed.
  • Balanced zombies’ first weapons’ damage.
  • Adjusted wall spacing for pathfinding.
  • Changed the rocket part VFX for visibility.
  • Changed the Forest Armor crafting recipe (less leaves required)
  • Improved navigation when zombie hordes attack the player’s base.
  • NPCs’ damages to building will not scale.
  • Reworked the Spike Trap collision to be able to place them closer to each other.
  • Nerfed the zombies in the Papa Davis’ fight by changing their pathfinding;
  • Improved the warehouse door’s opening & closing mechanism.
  • Lowered warehouse & factory zombies’ health to match the wild ones.
  • Improved the Camp Pylon Radius menu
  • Improved the RTC black bar display.
  • Better placement of walls and traps along the edges of the map,
  • Balanced bone and metal bolt damages.
  • Balanced the Metal Bow 03 aim speed.
  • Added distance-based zombie damage reduction.
  • Removed friendly fire on self-destruct, explosive armor and grenades.
  • Controller rumble on flamethrower will keep going after 10s+ of continuous use.
  • The player can now get the shredder before destroying the tower.
  • The Toxic Cloud skill cannot destroy Pylons anymore.
  • Players will now automatically dismount zombies under certain conditions (hijacked, no saddle…).
  • Zombie hair is now hidden when they wear a helmet.
  • Made Pedro’s first quest easier by lowering his pylon’s level.
  • Fixed several crashes related to: perpetual zombie attacks, zombie charge, online pushable items, camp storage menu, escape menu, open world navigation.

Minor fixes

  • Fixed animal behavior.
  • Fixed zombies not being able to attack camp walls.
  • Fixed zombies getting stuck behind trees.
  • Prevented enemies from clumping and getting stuck during camp attacks.
  • Fixed swamp collisions and visuals.
  • Fixed a soft lock with Ignacio.
  • Fixed wagon collisions in front of Papa Davis’ mine.
  • Fixed the MacFixer zombot spawn.
  • Sophie’s lights will switch off properly.
  • Fixed the mace collision.
  • Fixed menu bug after unequipping an item by dragging it off.
  • Settings sliders cannot be interacted with when off-screen anymore.
  • Disabled the build menu shortcut after moving a building.
  • Player can no longer quit the save menu in solo while it’s loading.
  • You can no longer see a floating HUD behind the camera.
  • Snowmen no longer reappear once destroyed.
  • Fixed brightness slider limitation.
  • Fixed the saddle descent animation.
  • Added setting allowing you to limit the item stack display to 1.
  • Improved loading time when returning to main menu.
  • Fixed player save duplication.
  • Player are now able to use weapons immediately after dropping Kate.
  • Fixed Teleportation of followers to the player after death, on respawn.
  • Fixed invisible zombies.


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