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VLC Player 3.0.18 Release

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Der kostenlose Mediaplayer für Video, Audio inkl. Streamingfunktionen und vielem mehr. Er ist unter Windows, MacOS, Linux und Android nutzbar. Das Update 3.0.18 behebt einige Fehler und aktualisiert Codecs.

VLC Player 3.0.18 Release Notes

* Fix audio device listing with non-latin names
* Update some translations

* Fix rendering and performance issue with older GPUs
 * Add support for Y16 chroma
 * Fix build of gme plugin

 * Fix script for vocaroo
 * Fix script for youtube to allow throttled playback
   (Note: Restrictions on youtube still prevent unthrottled playback)

Service Discovery:
 * Fix UPnP regression on Windows

Video Output:
 * Fix video placement with caopengllayer

 * Fix password search in kwallet module
 * Major adaptive streaming update, notably for multiple timelies and webvtt
 * Fix seeking with some fragmented MP4 files
 * Add support for DVBSub inside MKV
 * Fix some Flac files that could not be played
 * Improve seeking in Ogg files

 * Fix DxVA/D3D11 crashes on HEVC files with bogus references
 * Fix libass storage size and crash
 * Fix decoding errors on macOS hw decoding on some HEVC files

Video Output:
 * Fix color regression with VAAPI/iOS and OpenGL output
 * Fix some resizing issues with OpenGL on GLX/EGL/X11/XV
 * Fix Direct3d9 texture stretching
 * Fix 10-bit accelerated video filters on macOS

 * Avoid playlist liveloop on failed/tiny items (temporize EOS bursts)

 * Misc fixes for the extension UI on macOS
 * Improve SMBv1 and SMBv2 behaviours
 * Improve FTP compatibility
 * Support RISC-V
 * Fix AVI muxing for Windows Media Player compatibility
 * Fix seeking speed on macOS


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