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Tine 2.0 Community Edition Bugfix Release 2022.08.13

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Die Open-Source Groupware Tine2.0 wurde aktualisiert. Wie angekündigt werden nun auch kleinere Updates veröffentlicht und so auch dieses, dass 9 Features bringt und 17 Fehler korrigiert.

Tine 2.0 CE 2022.08.13 Release Notes


  • d4a3058 feature(Tinebase): set download filelocation (download, filemanager, open in oo)
  • b19c6b2 feature(Admin OVpn API) add ovpn api, realm and account models


  • 7f3eb4d fix(TB Export) remove newlines from source template files before processing
  • efdec47 fix(HumanResources): allow to edit/delete own freetime requests
  • 4251cfb fix(Filemanager/js): enable grid store remote sort by default
  • 6918b42 fix(Tasks): use defaultTaskList preference
  • 0adb29e fix(Tinebase): use AuthConfig model in OVPN Admin
  • 8ff9de2 fix(Admin OVpnApi) improve models, impl ‘active’ flag in api
  • 3f6fb89 fix(Felamimail/js): apply default grid state for none sent folder
  • dde324a fix(Tinebase): declare version of implicit dependencies
  • 3ec9ba5 fix(Tinebase): reference npm github dependencies by commitid
  • b5e3e18 fix(Tinebase) reference npm github dependencies by commitid
  • 373f571 fix(Tinebase): js error if app has no centerPanel
  • ba5b9a7 fix(TB update script) update scheduler task model
  • b452f82 fix(TB createSystemUsers) disable modlog on adb
  • 7dd93ee fix(Filemanager/js): use same sorting strategy for grid and tree panel
  • 1bfce8d fix(Felamimail/js): update recipient based on combo raw value
  • 13ff949 fix(WebDAV FS) use FS checkACL instead of local code
  • ccb4fed fix(TB Filter ForeignRecords) not case needs sql identifier quoting
  • 0e1145f fix(Tinebase/TreeNode): check path acl with priority in folder shared
  • 6233066 fix(Felamimail AttachmentCache) allow attachment ids with : char
  • f226e98 fix(Tinebas/js): set default filter only if no filters are set
  • 1d59c68 fix(Filemanager/js): allow set active panel by tab name
  • 119c20f fix(TB MC) fake null datetime converter toRecord should result DateTime not string
  • f5e1023 fix(Felamimail) AttachmentCache for attachements without name fixed
  • 2b27b9c fix(Tinebase): addressEditDialog doesn´t open
  • 149c95e fix(OOI Cmd API) remove double encoding of jwt payload, remove post body alltogether


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