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Tine 2.0 CE Bugfix Release 2022.10.22.140

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Die Entwickler der Groupware Tine 2.0 Community Edition, haben auf Github die neue Version 2022.10.22.140 bereitgestellt. Es wurden zwei Features und 19 Fehler behoben.

Tine 2.0 Community Edition Release Notes


  • ae47152 feature(scripts/ansible): add role tineinstalldocker
  • e7bf508 feature(HumanResources) vacation correction UI


  • 6f554dd fix(Tinebase/User/Plugin): fix function interface inspectSetPassword
  • 4acf7b0 fix(Tinebase/User): Sync of non-existing fields: refactor compare mechanism
  • 59fa678 fix(Tinebase/EmailUser/Postfix): only create default alias if not already given
  • 6ce45ba fix(Setup) uninstall application table cleanup
  • fa92329 fix(Tinebase/EmailUser): fix secondary domain email login names
  • e04e5fb fix(Tinebase/js): open deeplink with remote record
  • 4dc8dcd fix(Felamimail/js): check selected node constraint based on node type
  • 7d5718c fix(Felamimail/MessageEditDialog): prevent duplicate draft creation
  • c910bde fix(Tinebase/css): dynamic box item layout in mail display panel
  • a7c7fa8 fix(HumanResources): can’t delete vacation corrections
  • c6968f8 fix(HR BL WTR) populate report with one timeslot only
  • bdeb1d0 fix(Felamimail/js): do not show edit contact menu when double click recipient
  • dd7c3d8 fix(TB Record) tz issue on date fields
  • 730dccf fix(Calendar): can’t add event in timeline view
  • 31be5be fix(HR Setup) update path fixed
  • 724a129 fix(Translation) wrong spelling
  • 0dbd319 fix(HumanResources) can’t open contract
  • e93c3bc fix(HumanResources) can’t pick account in freeTimePlanning
  • 192bd8b fix(Tinebase/js): remove special chars when copy email list


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