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Thunderbird Security und Bugfix Release 102.1.0

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Der kostenlose Mailclient für Windows, MacOS und Linux, Thunderbird, erhielt das Bugfix Release 102.1.0. Das Update behebt 6 Fehler und schließt mehr 4 Sicherheitslücken und sorgt so für die Stabilität von Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird 102.1.0 Security Fixes
#CVE-2022-36319: Mouse Position spoofing with CSS transforms

Reporter – Irvan Kurniawan
Impact – moderate


When combining CSS properties for overflow and transform, the mouse cursor could interact with different coordinates than displayed.

#CVE-2022-36318: Directory indexes for bundled resources reflected URL parameters

Reporter – Gijs Kruitbosch
Impact – moderate


When visiting directory listings for chrome:// URLs as source text, some parameters were reflected.


#CVE-2022-36314: Opening local <code>.lnk</code> files could cause unexpected network loads

Reporter – akucybersec
Impact – moderate


When opening a Windows shortcut from the local filesystem, an attacker could supply a remote path that would lead to unexpected network requests from the operating system.
This bug only affects Thunderbird for Windows. Other operating systems are unaffected.*


#CVE-2022-2505: Memory safety bugs fixed in Thunderbird 102.1

Reporter – Mozilla developers and community
Impact – high


Mozilla developers and the Mozilla Fuzzing Team reported memory safety bugs present in Thunderbird 102. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort some of these could have been exploited to run arbitrary code.

Mozilla Thunderbird 102.1.0 Bugfixes

  • Activity Manager did not display POP message downloads
  • Mail Folder Properties dialog was not sized correctly, cutting off contents
  • Expired news messages did not display an error
  • Calendar Column Picker closed prematurely after selecting/deselecting a single column
  • Various UI improvements
  • Various security fixes

Quelle: Thunderbird — Release Notes (102.1.0) — Thunderbird

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