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Supermarket Simulator Restockers Update

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Entwickler Nokta Games hat das “Restockers Update” für den Supermarket Simulator veröffentlicht.

Supermarket Simulator Patch-Notes:

supermarket simulator stock
  • Added keyboard support to the card reader device
  • Added labels to all the shelves that show the product info
  • Added clearing labels from empty shelves by clicking on the label
  • Added a new, mirrored checkout counter
  • Edited placement layout for soda, yogurt, beer pack, butter, beef, steak
  • Added selling boxed-up furniture by holding F
  • Added closing the boxes when placing into storage racks
  • Added placing computer to the storage
  • Increased box-throwing force
  • Edited LOD differences of some items on the map
  • Fixed storage racks causing FPS drops
  • Fixed a bug causing direct interaction with checkouts when placing after unboxed
  • Fixed the icon of the vintage book
  • Fixed items falling through the walls of the door between store and storage
  • Fixed boxes staying red all the time when taken from racks
  • Fixed 6Pack beers’ icon size
supermarket simulator cashier

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