Steam – Client Update 07.07.16

Mit dem Client Update behebt Valve einige Fehler seiner Spieleplattform Steam.

Mehr Details zum Clientupdate findet ihr im Update-Log:


  • Fixed rare client hang when downloading additional game content
  • Fixed a bug that could cause cloud sync to break when an application is permitted to use over 2GB of cloud storage
  • Fixed an issue where video series could appear improperly in the Recently Played jump list
  • Fixed compatibility issues with some upcoming Vulkan games


  • Videos that are part of a Series (e.g. CS:GO Player Profiles, PAYDAY Web Series, etc.) will automatically be categorized together in the Video Library.

In-Home Streaming

  • Fixed an issue causing horizontal blockiness in some windowed games and when running Big Picture on a screen wider than 16:9

In-Game Overlay

  • DirectX 12 titles in multi-GPU configurations are now supported by the overlay
  • Fixed a rare issue that could prevent the overlay from drawing in certain games

Steam Controller

  • Added support for Controller Activators
  • Activators sit between inputs (like a button) and outputs (like a keypress) and allow for a variety of new behaviors and functionality
  • Current activators include Normal Press, Long Press, Double Press, Start Press, Release Press, etc.
  • Activators have their own settings, so they can each have haptics, delays, toggles, cycle bindings, turbo, etc.
  • There is no limit to the number of activators on an input, so a single button can have a normal press, a double press, multiple long presses of different durations, etc. each of which execute independently and fire off their own bindings with their own settings.
  • Mode shifts are also activator based, so mode shifts can now toggle or have special functionality like only on Long Press.
  • Internal file format has been reorganized due to these changes, so new configurations are not backwards compatible. Any changes made to an existing configuration will not work in previous builds
  • All existing configurations are converted into the new format and carry over the appropriate settings and bindings
  • Added the ability to copy and existing Action Set into a new Action Set when creating one. You now have a dropdown of all existing action sets to copy from on create.
  • Fix for zombie controllers when resuming from suspend with a dongle in a suspend-powered USB port.
  • Gyro optimizations which in certain cases reduce latency.
  • Fixed footer showing toggle game actions button when using action sets on legacy configurations.
  • Fixed Action Sets being visible and selectable at the top of the UI while in binding/activator editing modes.
  • Fixed Gyro Mode Button being visible and selectable while editing other modes.
  • Fixed Footer not appearing in the desktop configurator.
  • Fixed Controller Beep potentially browning out in low battery situations.
  • Fix for register controller dialog only showing up in the main Steam window and not the overlay if you turn on a new controller while in-game.
  • Added a “None” option for trackball and scrollwheel friction. Essentially this makes it continue its momentum forever.
  • Added a Custom Curve option for Joystick and Trigger Response Curves. Allows the stick/trigger response to be tuned to a higher degree.
  • Added Curve Visualization for Joystick and Trigger response Curves.
  • Fixed activators not showing up properly within mode shifts.
  • Fix for haptic settings not being inherited properly when converting previous format to new format.
  • Changed default Regular Press haptic setting to off by default.
  • Fixed activators not going back to advanced mode properties when cancelled within an advanced mode property binding.
  • Fix for multiple activators with multiple descriptions on a single input not appearing properly in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where switch bindings (bumpers, start/back, etc) would not work properly in some configurations
  • Fixed Start/Select/Bumpers/Grips not working properly with certain configurations.
  • Fixed Mode-Shifts not being set properly in extended action sets.
  • Fixed Activator settings not sticking when no other settings were altered.
  • Fixed showing the “Show Activators” button while already inside an activator binding.
  • Fix for Euro Truck Simulator 2 not allowing action sets.
  • Added Start and Select to the available Mode-Shift buttons.
  • Fixed changes to sliders in activators not applying if no other settings were changed.
  • Fix for Big Picture overlay being destroyed when exiting the overlay via the Steam Button in a Shortcut.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when closing the configurator in desktop mode.
  • Fix for certain mode shift buttons not always being converted over from the old format correctly.
  • Fix for haptics settings not being correctly converted from modes to activators in all cases.
  • Fix for crash when trying to update the Steam Controller configurator controls while in the midst of rebuilding the UI.
  • Fix for crash when Big Picture would try to reinitialize twice in rapid succession.

Virtual Reality

  • Fixed crash when launching VR titles via desktop shortcuts
  • Added notification for when a screenshot is taken while in VR.
  • Fix for selecting the proper graphics adapter in multi-gpu setups.
  • Added support for overriding the application that launches to host Desktop Game Theater.


  • Improved compatibility with newer Linux distributions

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