SOGo 4.0.8 Bugfix Release

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Das Release 4.0.8 von SOGo ist ein kleineres das wenige Feature mitbringt und die Stabilität der Groupware erhöht. SOGo bietet Kalender-, Adressbuch- und Mailfunktionen für Groupwarenutzer. Es lässt sich über den Browser, Clients wie den Mozilla Thunderbird und Lightning, oder Apple Kalender und Adressbuch (Mac OS X und iOS) sowie in Microsoft Outlook, nutzen.

SOGo 4.0.8 Release Notes

 [web] show calendar names of subscriptions in events blocks
 [web] show hints for mail vacation options (#4462)
 [web] allow to fetch unseen count of all mailboxes (#522, #2776, #4276)
 [web] add rel="noopener" to external links (#4764)
 [web] add Indonesian (id) translation
 [web] updated Angular Material to version 1.1.19
 [web] replaced bower packages by npm packages
 [web] restored mail threads (#3478, #4616, #4735)
 [web] reflect attendee type with generic icon (person/group/resource)
 [web] reduce usage of calendar color in dialogs
 [web] fixed wrong translation of custom calendar categories
 [web] fixed wrong colors assigned to default calendar categories
 [web] lowered size of headings on small screens
 [web] fixed scrolling in calendars list on Android
 [web] keep center list of Calendar module visible on small screens
 [web] check for duplicate name only if address book name is changed
 [web] improved detection of URLs and email addresses in text mail parts
 [web] fixed page reload with external IMAP account (#4709)
 [web] constrained absolute-positioned child elements of HTML mail parts
 [web] fixed useless scrolling when deleting a message
 [web] don't hide compose button if messages list is visible
 [web] fixed next/previous slots with external attendees
 [web] fixed restoration of sub mailbox when reloading page
 [web] use matching address of attendee (#4473)
 [core] allow super users to modify any event (#4216)
 [core] correctly handle the full cert chain in S/MIME
 [core] handle multidays events in freebusy data
 [core] avoid exception on recent GNUstep when attached file has no filename (#4702)
 [core] avoid generating broken DTSTART for the freebusy.ifb file (#4289)
 [core] consider DAVx5 like Apple Calendar (#4304)
 [core] improve handling of signer certificate (#4742)
 [core] added safety checks in S/MIME (#4745)
 [core] fixed domain placeholder issue when using sogo-tool (#4723)

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