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Shopware Security und Bugfix Release 5.7.18 veröffentlicht

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Der beliebte Onlineshop Shopware erhielt das Update 5.7.18, dass Fehlerkorrigiert Sicherheitslücken schließt, Abhängigkeiten aktualisiert und somit zur Stabilität des Onlineshops beiträgt.

Shopware 5.7.18 Release Notes

  • SW-26868 – Removed feedback popup
  • SW-27043 – Optimized file size of fonts (aragon999)
  • SW-27047 – The corresponding error message will be displayed when adding an item to the shopping cart without stock and with the sale option enabled. (lacknere)
  • SW-27050 – Improve method documentation (jkrzefski)
  • SW-27052 – Improve compatibility with PHP8.2 (aragon999)
  • SW-27062 – Update of third party dependencies
  • SW-27074 – Adjust the conditions in function CacheManager::getOpCacheCacheInfo
  • SW-27078 – changes the type of $listingLinkRewriteService property to ListingLinkRewriteServiceInterface which prevents throwing an errors (mkreusch)
  • SW-27079 – The config “” is now correctly considered for the Elasticsearch backend functionality
  • SW-27080 – Adding new positions in the backend order module now also considers graduated prices.
  • SW-27081 – Improve calculation of shipping costs in product exports
  • SW-27083 – Improved validation of input fields for registration, newsletter subscription and forms
  • SW-27086 – Fixed variant displaying on the product detail page
  • SW-27088 – ‘Ask for reason’ mail can be sent without voucher again
  • SW-27090 – Subhop settings can be saved again
  • SW-27091 – Products can be edited again if their images were deleted previously
  • SW-27093 – The e-mail configuration on sending the order confirmation can now be adjusted by an event
  • SW-27094 – Fix SLT cookie behavior (dot-frost)
  • SW-27103 – If salutation is not required, the field validations is skipped (zukucker)
  • SW-27115 – The auto updater will obtain the updates directly from GitHub in the future
  • SW-27121 – Creating customer streams is possible again
  • SW-27136 – Removed Shopware BI feature

Changes: v5.7.17…v5.7.18

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