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Rspamd Feature und Bugfix Release 3.2

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Die Open-Source Lösung zur Bekämpfung von Spam, Junk, Phishing und sonstigen unerwünschten E-Mails, erhielt das Update 3.2. Dies ist hauptsächlich ein Bugfix Release, dass jedoch auch einige neue Features und Stabilitätsverbesserungen bringt.

Rspamd 3.2 Release Notes

Main changes

DNS over TCP support

For a long time, Rspamd was unable to switch to TCP when processing DNS replies that are too large to be transferred over UDP. The portion of such a messages was never high, but there are some notable examples of the records that cannot fit into a UDP packet even with EDNS0 extension enabled. That are mostly poorly maintained TXT records that contains lot’s of legacy Google verification junk. However, it affected the SPF authentication, so I have decided to implement TCP fallback after all.

BIMI support

Rspamd can now download and verify logotypes from a validated certificates using a dedicated helper written in Rust. With this plugin, Rspamd can enrich your emails, appending a header with the logotype image (in SVG format) if all BIMI validation steps were successful.

Average scan time

It is now possible to fetch an average messages scan time via Rspamd HTTP API, Prometheus endpoint and even via ps command (supported on some OS only).

Monitor helper tool

You can now attach a CLI helper to Rspamd to get some real time performance graphs directly from your terminal:

Rspamd 3.2 Bash Monitor
Rspamd 3.2 Bash Monitor

Cloudmark support

You can now use Cloudmark via the external services module.

Other fixes and improvements

Core and API

  • Fixed SSL support in many places
  • Switched to XXHash3 as a fast hash source
  • Fix upstreams name resolution when there is also a port
  • Allow hyperscan for ppc64, as vectorscan now suports it
  • Lua_magic: Add a sane CSV heuristic
  • Allow to restore SSL handlers after keepalive pooling


  • Neural: dd ROC feature to neural network plugin
  • Fixed retention settings in Clickhouse plugin
  • Fixed important issues in the reputation plugin


  • Added some sanity limits for symbol groups
  • Fix symbol for DKIM temporary failure
  • Remove ancient and inefficient rules

All changes

Here is the list of the important changes:

  • [Conf] Score MIME_OBFUSCATED_ARCHIVE to 8 points
  • [Conf] Set one_shot for URIBL rules by default
  • [CritFix] Fix upstreams name resolution when there is also a port
  • [Feature] Add ROC feature to neural network plugin
  • [Feature] Add public suffic compilation utility
  • [Feature] Add support of Cloudmark
  • [Feature] Allow hyperscan for ppc64, as vectorscan now suports it.
  • [Feature] Allow to skip DNS resolution for keep-alive connections
  • [Feature] Aws_s3: Allow to store large parts separately
  • [Feature] BIMI: Add preliminary version of the BIMI plugin
  • [Feature] JSON endpoint for querying maps
  • [Feature] Lua_magic: Add a sane CSV heuristic
  • [Feature] Lua_mime: Add schema for message transfer
  • [Feature] Output average scan time in /stat endpoint
  • [Feature] Show average scan time in rspamc stat output
  • [Fix] Add guards to avoid race condition on TCP connection
  • [Fix] Allow spaces in DKIM key records
  • [Fix] Apply the similar fix to the url_reputation
  • [Fix] Avoid overwriting whitelisted_signers_map
  • [Fix] Backport PR from libucl
  • [Fix] Clear SSL errors
  • [Fix] ClickHouse cleanup of old partitions
  • [Fix] Do not double call error handler on ssl errors in the timeout path
  • [Fix] Do not forget to clear pointers on IOC reset
  • [Fix] External_relay: Remove useless check of the map value
  • [Fix] Find suspicious url encodings that could break url extraction
  • [Fix] Fix HTTP(s) client timeout
  • [Fix] Fix exclude flags setting
  • [Fix] Fix expanding of the variables
  • [Fix] Fix host header usage in lua_http
  • [Fix] Fix http maps shared memory cache cleanup
  • [Fix] Fix logic in HTML processing FSM
  • [Fix] Fix parsing of the compound mailto urls
  • [Fix] Fix processing captures from pcre2
  • [Fix] Fix removing from khash
  • [Fix] Fix stuctured headers pushing
  • [Fix] Further fix for i386 compilation
  • [Fix] Improve duplicate settings error reporting
  • [Fix] Lua: task:remove_result didn’t work in some cases
  • [Fix] Output service parts as well
  • [Fix] Phishing: Deal with phishing + redirected URL
  • [Fix] Phishing: Fix finding domains in the phishing map
  • [Fix] Plug memory leak by using mempool for a copied address
  • [Fix] Properly find the request and the number of requested entries
  • [Fix] Rbl: Fix inversed logic of the url_full_hostname
  • [Fix] Read file maps if they were not pre-read during preload
  • [Fix] Restrict x86_64 assembly to x86_64
  • [Fix] Return a real number of recipients when dealing with aliases
  • [Fix] Rework unshedule DNS request function
  • [Fix] Support definition of ungrouped symbol in conf file, use group info from lua or other conf file
  • [Fix] Unschedule DNS request when clearing IO channel
  • [Fix] When checking for phishing, we need to convert punicode -> UTF8, not vice versa
  • [Fix] lua_cfg_transform – actions without score (discard)
  • [Fix] lua_cfg_transform – silly break break actions
  • [Fix] ratelimit – symbol per bucket
  • [Project] BIMI: Fix helper integration issues
  • [Project] Further DNS over TCP architecturing
  • [Project] Rdns: Add more functions for TCP based requests
  • [Project] Rdns: Add preliminary reading logic for TCP channels
  • [Project] Rdns: Add reaper for inactive TCP connections
  • [Project] Rdns: Add timeout logic for TCP requests
  • [Project] Rdns: Do not treat TCP channels failure as fatal
  • [Project] Rdns: Fix TCP connection mess
  • [Project] Rdns: Fix TCP stuff cleanup
  • [Project] Rdns: Fix various ownership issues
  • [Project] Rdns: Implement TCP writing logic
  • [Project] Rdns: Initial support of TCP IO channels
  • [Project] Rdns: More fixes in TCP handling
  • [Project] Rdns: Restore the previous EDNS0 size
  • [Project] Rdns: Send truncated replies via TCP
  • [Project] Rdns: Unregister TCP requests
  • [Rework] Allow to restore SSL handlers after keepalive pooling
  • [Rework] Allow to set a different behaviour for actions from settings
  • [Rework] Include SSL flag into keepalive hash
  • [Rework] Make rspamadm dmarc_report default behaviour more sane
  • [Rework] Mempool: Use explicit alignment
  • [Rework] Rdns: Use faster and more compact hash table for DNS requests
  • [Rework] Rework SSL flag operations
  • [Rework] Take disabled flag into account
  • [Rework] Timeouts are now global per event and not reseted by IO activity
  • [Rework] Use xxh3 as a default hash and fix memory/alignment issues
  • [Rules] Fix old rules to stop global functions usage
  • [Rules] Fix symbol for DKIM temporary failure
  • [Rules] Remove ancient and inefficient rules
  • [Rules] Slightly reduce MULTIPLE_FROM score


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