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Roundcube Webmail Major Release 1.5.0 erschienen

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Der beliebte kostenlose Webmail Roundcube ist nun in Version 1.5.0 erschienen. Neben vollem PHP 8 Support gibt es weitere neue Featues, auch wurde das Spell checking Feature, wegen Sicherheitsbedenken, per Default deaktiviert, kann aber aktiviert werden. Weiterhin wurden viele Fehler korrigiert.

Mit dem Roundcube Webmail stable Release 1.5.0, fällt der Zweig 1.2.x aus dem Support und wird nicht länger betreut. Die Zweige 1.4.x und 1.3.x sind nun im LTS Support und erhalten nur noch wichtige bzw. Security Updates.

Roundcube Webmail 1.5.0 Features

  • Dark mode for Elastic skin
  • OAuth2/XOauth support (with plugin hooks)
  • Collected recipients and trusted senders
  • Moving recipients between inputs with drag & drop
  • Full unicode support with MySQL database
  • Support of IMAP LITERAL- extension [RFC 7888]
  • Support of RFC 2231 encoded names
  • Cache refactoring

Changelog seit 1.5-rc

  • Support displaying RTF content (including encapsulated HTML) from a TNEF attachment
  • Disable the default spellchecker option using (#8182)
  • Newmail_notifier: Improved the notification sound (#8155)
  • Fix size of Mailvelope iframe for PGP-inlined mail, again (#8126)
  • Fix handling of group names with @ character in autocomplete and contacts widget (#8098)
  • Fix Firefox infinate loading display on mail screen (#8128)
  • Fix converting >1MB of HTML content into plain text (#8137)
  • Fix bug where expanding a group in the recipient input could corrupt the input content (#7569)
  • Fix fatal error/warning on invalid input to user parameter (#8152)
  • Fix changing password with dovecot_passwdfile driver (#8145)
  • Fix handling of headers that occur multiple times by show_additional_headers plugin (#8157)
  • Fix bug where vertical scrollbar in new HTML message bounced back on scroll (#8046)
  • Fix displaying inline images with incorrectly declared content-type (#8158)
  • Fix so addr-spec with missing closing angle bracket can be parsed (#8164)
  • Fix handling of spellcheck connection errors (#8172)
  • Fix a couple of PHP8 warnings (#8175#8176)
  • Fix bug where “from my contacts” and “from trusted senders” values were mixed up (#8177)
  • Fix password/token length check on OAuth login (#8178)
  • Fix XSS issue in handling attachment filename extension in mimetype mismatch warning (#8193)
  • Fix SQL injection via some session variables
  • Fix handling of dark_mode_support:false setting in skins meta.json (#8186)
  • Fix security issues regarding server name and trusted_host_patterns setting

Updates Notes

In case you’re running Roundcube directly from source or if you’re not using the complete package, you need to install 3rd party javascript modules using the bin/ script. In the 1.5.x series the toolchain required to build a functional package has changed a bit:

  • bin/ replaced google-closure-compiler with UglifyJS
  • bin/ replaced yuicompressor with csso
  • Elastic theme: require lessc >= 2.5.2 (and add support for v4) with less-plugin-clean-css

Quelle: Release Roundcube Webmail 1.5.0 · roundcube/roundcubemail · GitHub

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