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Rocket.Chat 3.2.0 Feature und Bugfix Release

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Die Open-Source Chatlösung Rocket.Chat, erhielt das Update 3.2.0. Rocket.Chat 3.2.0 bringt 5 neue Features, 13 Verbesserungen und zahlreiche Bugfixes.

Rocket.Chat 3.2.0 Features

  • Add Markup to QuoteAttachment (#26751)
  • Get moderators, owners and leaders from room scope via apps-engine (#26674)
  • Matrix Federation events coverage expansion (support for 5 more events) (#26705)The goal of this PR is to add support for more events on Matrix Federation feature. The new supported events are:
    • Edit Messages;
    • Delete Messages
    • File Upload (including video and audio/voice messages);
    • Send emojis on messages;
    • Reactions.
  • Move administration links to an exclusive kebab menu (#26867)
  • Sections layout and featured apps for marketplace (#26514)

Rocket.Chat 3.2.0 Improvements

  • Allow delete attachment description on message edit (#26673)
  • Better descriptions for VoIP Settings (#26877)
  • Changed dial pad appearance to match original design (#26863)
  • Include syncAvatars on ldap.syncNow (#26824)This PR includes a new call for the method syncAvatars when ldap.syncNow is called
  • OTR Message (#24297)
  • Results of user auto complete (#26687)
  • Rounded video attachment (#26832)
  • Setting for login email notifications (#26831)
  • System messages’ consistency (#26130)
  • Updating voip tooltips and icons (#26834)

Alle Informationen und Änderungen utner: Release 5.2.0 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub

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