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Ready or Not Update 1.0 Hotfix

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Entwickler VOID Interactive hat ein Hotfix für das kürzlich veröffentlichte Update 1.0 für Ready or Not veröffentlicht.

Ready or Not Patch-Notes:

General Improvements:

  • General audio enhancements, tweaks and improvements.
  • Added a new command exclusively for coop multiplayer to enhance player immersion. Now, players can use the “Negative” command, located in the “Acknowledgement” submenu when aiming at the floor, wall, or empty space.
  • Improved the Ready up widget in the top left after a mission is selected.
  • Players can now spectate SWAT AI clearing a level autonomously in practice mode after death.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed SWAT AI sometimes being sorted incorrectly when clearing, causing an officer with a shield to not go first
  • Fixed overlapping text in the replay viewer list UI
  • Fixed Maria Lopez’ character model on importer
  • Fixed loadout presets not properly applying to SWAT AI
  • Fixed game ending immediately when player dies in practice mode, making it impossible to spectate SWAT AI
  • Fixed some broken materials/textures on Sins of the Father
  • Fixed a few issues with cloth simulation
  • Removed an empty tooltip
  • Fixed CS Gas affecting AI and players through closed doors
  • Added some missing customization item preview images
  • Fixed game not properly pausing when player presses escape in the tutorial
  • Fixed skinning/weight for one of the gas station suspects
  • Fixed rare bug causing SWAT AI to surrender
  • Fixed SWAT AI being unable to search and secure rooms behind closed doors after Bring order to chaos objective has been completed
  • Fixed human shield civilians freezing in place after being killed/incapacitated
  • Fixed Commander Mode timers not advancing after player death
  • Fixed rare instances of gas mask overlay persisting after player death
  • Fixed simunition gun physics in the tutorial
  • Fixed hands disappearing for clients when returning to lobby in a multiplayer session
  • Possible fix for players rarely getting stuck in the healing animation
  • Fixed third person healing animations not playing
  • Fixed spawn point selection resetting when player changes their loadout or opens the tablet
  • Fixed clients copying the host’s customization loadout in multiplayer
  • Fixed crash reporter save files/mod deletion buttons
  • Fixed SWAT AI sometimes avoiding player’s aim unnecessarily
  • Fixed SWAT AI sometimes stopping too early when checking a closet/bed, which made them stop in a doorway
  • Fixed SWAT AI sometimes getting stuck on a stack up and breach when the door is locked
  • Fixed missing voiceline for C2 and Launcher command
  • Fixed rare instances of players being able to arrest AI from the front
  • Fixed suspect AI continuously blind firing when in cover
  • Possible fix for suspect AI aiming directly at a target’s head after not seeing them for a while
  • Fixed “Deploy Shield” command being visible even if the officer has no shield
  • Fixed a few issues with SWAT AI during autonomous mode
  • Fixed SWAT AI unable to continue with a breach if a door happens to block a stack up point
  • Fixed game not ending after SWAT AI autonomously cleared the level
  • Fixed snappy AI motion when surrendering due to them focusing on a player
  • Possible fix for SWAT van intro showing incorrect customization for clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed animation related issues for suspect/civilian AI fleeing from, or being stunned by, gas

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