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Ranch Simulator Small Easter Update


Entwickler Toxic Dog hat ein kleines Oster Update für den Ranch Simulator veröffentlicht.

Ranch Simulator Patch-Notes

UE5 Upgrade Upate

Enhanced Visuals

  • The engine upgrade will allow us to push visuals to the next level, with enhancements to lighting, environments and more.
  • We’ve made some improvements to some livestock and animals, including wolves, chickens, roosters and chicks. The open world in Ranch Simulator will feel more alive as we are about to start work on creating new sound effects, animations and general signs of life!

Optimisation Improvements

  • Something we’ve been hearing loud and clear from you, the community, is that performance needs improving. Especially for larger ranches with more livestock, We expect to see notable improvements to framerate for some of you, depending on your PC and specs, once we have upgraded to UE5.
  • Currently we have improved the lighting and performance, and have successfully ran a test on the Steamdeck for the first time. The environments and lighting shown in these work in progress images are still subject to change.

New Content and Improvements – Pets, Controller Support, Achievements and more!

We’re delighted to reveal what we have planned following the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade, including a number of community-requested features and enhancements:

  • Pets – yes, we can confirm that dogs and cats are coming to your ranch! 🐶🐱
  • Steam achievements
  • Controller support
  • Animation rework
  • Various gameplay improvements based on community feedback

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