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POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 1.1.3


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 1.1.3 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht.

Postal 4 Patch-Notes:


  • Implemented loading improvements! Travelling through zap-zones will be much quicker now, around <30% faster according to our tests (Around 5-10 seconds per zone)
  • Gamepad Sensitivity settings

Changed / Improved

  • Weapon attachments on weapons confiscated or deposited in weapons bins will now be returned to your Inventory
  • Bloody urine will now have a bloody liquid effect on screen


  • Going POSTAL Scooter Challenge in Industrial level that would crash the game when activated
  • Small animation flicker when throwing the Machete
  • Thrown Sniper Rifle pickup using the wrong texture
  • Some key icons not displaying correctly in certain languages
  • Removed the ‘More Options…’ menu as it’s not yet ready for prime time
  • Emote Wheel not closing in ‘Toggle Mode’
  • Flying truck in Border level…
  • Sprinting only working on gamepad
  • Crash that could sometimes occur on start of Thursday
  • Crash when being arrested

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