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POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 1.0.5


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 1.0.5 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht.

Patch Notes


  • Brains to head explosions. Exploding an NPCs head will sometimes result in a brain popping out!
  • Speaking of head explosions, the suicide button for the Dude has been added! (K key by default)
  • Going POSTAL challenge in Desert area. Completing it will reward you with a POSTAL 3 skin!
  • POSTAL 3 skin for The Dude!
  • Missing pacifist check before assigning the “Kill Bosses” errands – if player is pacifist, these errands are now skipped as intended and only “Meet the Boss” is assigned
  • Health Bars for some bosses!
  • Subtitles to comic book intros/outros! (In-game cutscenes will be getting subtitle support soon!)
  • Third-Person animations for picking up collectibles!
  • Interest Points to Supermarket in Prison tile!
  • More Krotchy Tips to better explain some of the game mechanics!
  • Support for burning characters, both dead or alive!

Changed / Improved

  • Optimization pass in the Residential tile
  • Tweaked the house NPCs to get them unstuck
  • Adjusted the culling on landscape in the Prison tile
  • Updated M60 textures
  • Improved Krotchy texture for collectibles counter
  • Made Baton less OP
  • Reduced loading delay in “New Day / Load Game” loading screens
  • Reworked the fluid weapon particles so they’re more three dimensional
  • Improved audio in Pit Boss Vault cutscene
  • Final door now checks only for Meet Boss instead of every Friday errand including killing the 3 bosses (Pacifist ending fix)
  • Removed day constraint from Duck Hunt Challenge


  • Picking up collectibles not counting towards the counter
  • Crash after throwing Pigeon Mine during Install Bidets errand
  • Janky puddles in front of Sewer entrance
  • Duck Hunt challenge only triggering on Wednesday
  • Removed broken ladder from Clock Tower. Roof only accessible via the Grappling Hook point
  • Shoot Cans challenge not working correctly
  • Window Cleaner challenge not accepting all damage types
  • Old bystander models being used in Pit Boss errand
  • Sewer Dwellers not being dismemberable / using old models
  • Certain NPCs using Dude’s voice…
  • A house in Riverside tile lacking collision in the bedroom
  • Weapon recoil not applying in third person
  • Rick Hunter’s Dude using wrong voice cue when equipping Sexy Outfit
  • Yaw weapon recoil persisting at lower framerates
  • Old NPC characters being used in Pit Boss cutscenes


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