POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update 0.9


Entwickler Running With Scissors hat das Update 0.9 für Postal 4:No Regerts veröffentlicht. Zudem wurde angekündigt, dass Postal 4 am 20.04.22 den Early Access verlassen wird.

Postal 4 No Regerts
Postal 4 No Regerts

Update 0.9


  • Corey Cruise and Rick Hunter voice packs! You will now be able to select between the three Dude voices before starting a New Game
  • Grapple Points! You’ll see many grapple points throughout the game which you can use to access the normally inaccessible areas. Chain Sickle is required to use them
  • Dog petting!
  • Working Scooter ATM machines! In order to make better use of our in-game economy, we’ve finally implemented working ATM machines which are located right next to every Scooter station. Right now, in order to get access to a scooter, you’ll need to pay a fee
  • New Scooter speedometer! In First Person, you will now notice a working, sleek physical speedometer. You might notice some messages pop up on the central Scooter display too 🙂
  • Hold-To-Skip feature for cutscenes! You will no longer have to mash the Spacebar button to skip a cutscene
  • Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty settings! Those are just the basic difficulties. More POSTAL-style difficulty levels coming in 1.0!
  • New NPCs: Chicks and Scorpions!
  • Steerable Sniper Rifle bullet!
  • Missing paths / sequences to the VR errand! When we initially released this errand, several things weren’t quite ready such as the “Pay-To-Win” path which would allow you to skip puzzles by spending your hard earned in-game cash
  • New Sky / Landscape rocks and Roads!
  • Quick Health button!
  • Fast Travel boards!
  • Vending Machines! There are four types of vending machines: Clothing, Ammo / Weapons, Health and Speciality
  • Going POSTAL Challenges! Plenty of challenges have been added across all the maps. You’ll be able to get rewards for completing each challenge. If you fail one, you’ll be able to come back to it the next day and attempt it again! Update 1.0 will feature many more as well a less placeholder effect when a challenge is active!
  • Collectibles! (50 Kunny dolls, 50 Larry dolls, 50 Krotchy dolls and 20 Golden Larry dolls). Collecting 10 / 20 and 50 of each will spawn a reward box. This feature is not fully complete, especially the reward tiers. It will be wrapped up just in time for 1.0
  • Police Heat / Assault Like P2’s Wanted meter, performing illicit actions in sight of an authority figure will raise the player’s Heat level, the amount raised dependent on the heinousness of the act. Again like P2, any Heat level above 0 causes any authority figure to engage the player on sight. The big difference here comes from attaining a max Heat level.
    Once the Heat Meter hits the max level, the police initiate an Assault on the player. This is a timed phase in which police units are dynamically spawned into the level to attack the player, or rather the player’s last known location. A timer appears on the player’s Heat Meter to indicate how much time is left in the Assault. Police units spawn in squads of 2-5 pawns each. The type and overall number of units that are spawned are dependent on the day of the week and possibly also the player’s selected difficulty mode. In an Assault, regular cops do not try to arrest the player. All authority figures will simply attempt to kill on sight for the duration. This feature will be fully fleshed out for 1.0 with things such as Police arriving on Scooters as well as different cop “tiers”.
  • New Grenade model! with Krotchy and Kunny skins
  • New ambience music in several areas across the map!
  • Unique sounds for VR guns!
  • New Main Menu art! In 1.0, each day will have its own Menu art
  • Radio chatter for Police!
  • Dogs properly riding Scooters!
  • UI sounds to selecting days
  • Toggle for Heat Waves

Changed / Improved

  • Improved the controller support in various menus
  • Molotovs and fire should preform better
  • Improved sound design in Ghost Town area
  • Improved the Sewer Cinematic
  • Added more enemies to the Sewer mission
  • Changed up the level design in Prison
  • Implemented better fitting masks for every single pawn type in the game
  • Lowered the amount of dogs / cats required to complete the Animal Catcher mission
  • Replaced many placeholder textures
  • Polished automatic weapon recoil so it’s applied over time as opposed to instantly
  • Improved the Desert area in Mexico side
  • Updated intro to Get Pussy, Cat Dude and Tinklage boss fight
  • Vast amount of interiors throughout the game, including the Mall, Trailer Park, Riverside and Suburbs houses, etc.
  • Improved the Clock Tower building in Residential tile
  • Cats will no longer run from the player when using Catnip
  • Polished up various Idle animations
  • Optimized ATM machines
  • Optimized the Mall building
  • Improved the Mercenary model
  • Improved the look of characters shoulders during certain animations
  • Improved the look of Hose cable, made it smoother and implemented new texture
  • Improved the look of the Lodge in Prison tile
  • Optimized the VR errand
  • Added third person reload animation for M60
  • Improved the look of poo piles
  • Updated the social media icons in Main Menu, added link to TikTok
  • Camera transition while entering Scooters will no longer block mouse input
  • Skins for certain pawn classes such as AHM
  • Updated Mouse / Gamepad HUD icons
  • Save Games will now show the area where the game was saved in
  • Save menu will now automatically highlight save game name text box when creating new save – just type a save name and hit enter, no other interaction required
  • Improved bystander hair materials
  • Reworked Clipboard third person animations
  • Vote For Governor: Voting queue line should start a bit earlier now. Widened voting queue as well
  • Increased Spike’s hit box a bit, should help with him getting stuck on a specific rock
  • Added more cover points for NPCs throughout the game which should make the combat more interesting
  • Doors will now block dead bodies
  • Made improvements to the Foot IK
  • Adjusted color of the blood splatter, less cartoony
  • Replaced Suburbs tile Mike J’s Bidet building with Radio Station. Bidet store moved to the Mall
  • Implemented new Animal Catcher van and shack models
  • Decreased intensity of the Head Bob
  • Decreased intensity of the Head Bob
  • Added blood cough after 1st and last drug (Drug pipe). Set heart rate to only gradually increase if drugs are used, added blood cough after 1st and last drug stage
  • More emotes have sounds
  • Catnip reload/reload sounds have been adjusted an improved
  • NPCs should be a touch louder
  • Scooter time trial improvements: you can now drive the scooter after failing the race (Arrow will be turned towards the start line, and you can stand the scooter on the start line), landing stabilizer added, so now after long jumps the scooter won’t fall over
  • Added new model for Churn Burger building in Industrial tile
  • Adjusted placement of Darklodge “trigger” sounds when entering certain areas
  • End 3 bosses music and voice volumes have been adjusted
  • Improved Treasure Hunter cutscenes
  • Added a max velocity to the physics handle for the player’s grabbed actor so the actor doesn’t phase through collision, such as a floor in the dam when the player crouches with a small object like a basketball
  • Projectiles will now inherit their weapon’s cosmetic
  • Tweaked the Fournicator reload animation
  • Removed grenade trail when throwing a mine grenade
  • Locked the submerged rooms in Sewer Worker until the water level is lowered
  • Changed the “get over here” line on the Chain Sickle so it only plays on character hook


  • Broken bystanders spawning in the maps
  • Duplicate “Help me promote myself” sound on Monday
  • Getting stuck in Prison with no working keypad codes
  • Artifact visibility issues with the Treasure Hunter errand
  • Left hand not animating when asking for signatures after entering a scooter
  • Various assets in the game that didn’t have any texture assigned
  • Flinching animation montage
  • Many crashes
  • Bystanders stuck in Driving state
  • Uncleanable splats in Muck Mopper random encounter
  • Art Dealer paintings not being able to be picked up
  • Long completion time for Hole Digger random encounter
  • NPCs being locked in Puking state
  • Bugs with the Map Screen menu / controller support
  • Border Slingshot guard vision and combat range
  • Critical bugs in Game Developer errand
  • Certain characters still using old models
  • Jump and landing animations overriding other animations in a much less dumb way
  • Racers AI, now they should properly return to their vehicles
  • Stopped Champ from teleporting to the player randomly on Thursday after Dark Lodge
  • Not being able to save in the Mall on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Front windows not being able to be destroyed on cars
  • ‘Move and Shoot’ NPC aiming
  • Elevator button in Wipe Compound
  • Bug where the phone would not play any sounds after loading from Meet Associate Cinematic
  • Birds getting stuck in the ground
  • Dropbox being blocked by crates in Pay Fine cutscene
  • Kevlar or SIC armor from ending up as the player’s active powerup
  • Infinite money glitch with ATM machines
  • Missing terrain in level buffer
  • Not being able to pee in Spike’s bowl after getting ragdolled
  • NPC sliding on their feet during walking animation
  • Players being able to use powerups when ragdolled
  • Certain walk animations looking janky
  • Choppy particle effects in Dark Lodge
  • Scrap bonus not working properly during Pay Fine errand
  • Untextured shoulder pads on Hardrock during Prison cutscene
  • Implemented missing M60 / Rocket Launcher VR skins
  • Missing cabinets in Trailer Park
  • Various bugs with emotes & perspective changes
  • Janky Bidet Bust outro cinematic
  • ‘Cumming soon’ text on Friday New Game button
  • Krotchy’s Tip about the Petitions triggering on Thursday and Friday
  • A bunch of crashes reported on Steam Forums
  • Inaccessible Art Dealer paintings
  • Missing HUD icons
  • Being able to walk through Dam walls and break the game
  • Issues with Tomb Raider huts, they now spawn AI’s as expected
  • Issue with players being able to exit the Dam Inspector errand through the failsafe door before errand completion
  • Long standing issue with NPCs spawning in the air
  • Adjusted several low pass filter issues across the maps
  • Water sounds for Kunny island moat
  • In unlocking the Jail in pay fine the computer will now say “first lock down overridden” then “second lock down overridden” in order.
  • Added a check to prevent Wednesday end-of-day from triggering while the player is still in Kunny Island


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