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Phasmophobia Update v0.9.3.0


Entwickler Kinetic Games hat das Update v0.9.3.0 für Phasmophobia veröffentlicht.

Phasmophobia Patch-Notes:


  • The Holiday 2023 event is now active! The event will last around 3 weeks
    • Instructions can be found on the main menu event button
  • An error message will now show if you fail to connect to Unity Gaming Services


  • Updated the textures, audio, and effects for the Summoning Circle
  • Flashlight III Upgrade now costs $3000 (up from $2500)
  • As Spirit Box I range is only 3m, we’ve lowered the “far” Spirit Box response’s minimum distance to 2m, from 4m
  • Lowered the volume of DOTS Projector III


  • Several interaction photos will now work consistently
    • Ghost-writing book II
    • Fairy lights poles
    • Beartraps
    • Light switches
    • Keyboards
    • Ouija board
  • Removed fog from the Truck in all locations
  • Removed the fog leak in Sunny Meadows male day room
  • Igniter III will now permanently extinguish after 10 minutes, as listed in the shop
  • Salt II is now consumable, as listed in the shop
  • Nightmare difficulty now unlocks at level 30 instead of level 29
  • Dead players will now receive the Investigation bonuses if earned in that contract
  • Sounds that loop should now always be audible from the start, and are more reliable
  • Pressing the ‘Special’ key binding (default: T) while you are holding a Flashlight will no longer play the toggle sound
  • The Ghost-writing book is now throwable by the ghost if the ghost does not give ghost-writing evidence
  • Film grain and chromatic aberration for night vision now respect user settings
  • The Custom difficulty icon in the server list now displays correctly
  • UV Flashlights can no longer charge fingerprints/footprints while Flashlights are set to disabled in the Difficulty settings
  • The ghost can no longer detect any type of Flashlight during hunts while Flashlights are disabled in the Difficulty settings
  • The Parabolic Microphone objective will no longer be completed if you are not holding it
  • Motion Sensor mini-map icons now turn green when a ghost walks through it
  • Motion Sensor II now toggles shapes correctly
  • You can no longer throw/place equipment through the Tanglewood glass sliding doors
  • Some walls no longer teleport items back to the truck incorrectly
  • Removed tree rendering issues next to the white tent in Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Potential fix for DOTS ghosts being invisible during hunts
  • Potential fix for crucifixes not preventing hunts

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