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Phasmophobia Update v0.6.1.7


Entwickler Kinetic Games hat das Update v0.6.1.7 für Phasmophobia veröffentlicht.

Patch Notes:


  • Fingerprints on some Maple Lodge Campsite objects will now be the correct size
  • Ghosts will no longer get stuck outside of medium tents, when trying to kill a player
  • House candles will now work correctly
  • Ghosts will no longer get stuck in the wrong animation during events and hunts
  • Tent windows now have the correct textures
  • Held candles and lighters will no longer blow out if the host walked outside in heavy rain
  • Playing without VR with SteamVR installed will no longer auto close the game after the SteamVR inactivity timer (default 10 minutes)

Hotfix v0.6.1.6

  • Candle and lighter flames will now render on top of all objects
  • Sink water splashes ripples will now render on top of sink water
  • Dirty water will now render its murky texture correctly
  • Your sprint stamina will now drain correctly on the main menu


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