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Phasmophobia Hotfix v0.9.0.9


Entwickler Kinetic Games hat ein Hotfixe für die Version v0.9.0.9 von Phasmophobia veröffentlicht.

Phasmophobia Patch-Notes:


  • Removed the 100% initialising text once VR has finished loading to allow for a smoother loading transition
  • Improved VR distance grab
  • Lowered the number of photos needed for the 3 star footstep weekly task
  • Increased VR players grab distance by 50%. This does not affect teleport grab
  • The sanity system has been replaced to increase cpu performance.
  • Sanity is no longer based on the light around you and will now stop draining if the main room light is on
  • Large rooms with a lot of dark areas (e.g. Sunny Meadows Hallways) will now drain at 80% of the sanity drain rate if the room light is on


  • Very significant CPU performance optimisations, especially in VR
  • You can now grab the Spirit Box T1 much easier in VR
  • Incense T3 now falls to the ground when dropped in VR
  • VR player’s vision will now fade in and out when loading to join or create a lobby
  • VR players can no longer toggle night vision goggles while holding them
  • The T2 Ghost Writing Book’s left-hand grab position is now correct
  • Tarot cards are now grabbable on PC after a VR player has used one
  • VR and PC players can no longer grab VR players’ items off their head
  • VR and PC players can no longer use VR players’ items on their head or belt
  • Obake footsteps can now be heard correctly during hunts
  • The Mare long roam trait will now work in prison cell blocks
  • Weekly Tasks will no longer be able to randomly choose training as a location requirement
  • VR players can no longer place Tripods on their belt
  • The Voodoo Doll is now floppy again!
  • DOTS 1 now has the [PLACEABLE] keyword in the shop
  • VR equipment highlights in the truck are now all correct
  • Removed depth of field and chromatic aberration from VR night vision goggle post processing
  • When a VR player puts head gear on, PC players will no longer see it or grab it at their feet
  • Map floor selector buttons should now work properly when selecting them in VR
  • Disturbed salt photos should not get in the way of other photos as much
  • You will no longer override night vision goggle post-processing settings when hitting apply in the journal, with the effect enabled
  • Swapping inventory items while placing an item then swapping back to it again, will no longer still display the placement highlight
  • Dirty water photos now work on all sinks
  • Fingerprints are now the correct size on the wooden poles in both campsites
  • The hunt will no longer sometimes start when all players are outside
  • Your sanity will no longer sometimes drain when you are outside

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