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Palworld Update


Entwickler Pocketpair hat das Update für Palworld veröffentlicht.

Palworld Patch-Notes

Major Fixes

  • Fixed various game crashes

Balance Adjustment

  • Fixed a bug where breeding Pals always had fixed passives
  • Fixed an issue where the increase in condensation progress was incorrect when using Pal of rank 2 or higher as a condensation material (it will increase by the number of Pals used in previous condensation)

Dungeon Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the innermost door would not open after defeating the boss of a random dungeon


  • Fixed an issue where the name of a Pal would not change even after renaming them

Server Issues

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to search for spaces or Japanese/Chinese characters in the server list
  • Fixed so that if the server is no longer registered on the server list, it will be re-registered without needing to restart the server
  • Fixed an issue where the settings to enable RCON were not loaded from the configuration file

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