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Oxygen Not Included Update 550759 

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Entwickler Klei Entertaiment hat das Update 550759 veröffentlicht.

Oxygen Not Included Patch-Notes


  • Meteor shower intensity can now be adjusted in the new game settings. We’ve also added a new Meteor Blaster building to blow incoming meteors to smithereens when they get within range. Aside from the obvious fun of shooting things down in a spray of sparkles, this keeps your colony’s surface setup from being damaged.
  • The projectiles for this building are produced at the Blastshot Maker, which can be operated by Duplicants with the new Pyrotechnics skill.
  • Some Duplicants get extra hyped about meteor showers! These Duplicants possess the new Rock Fan trait, which increases all of their attributes by +3 when there’s a meteor shower in progress.

    Timed Blueprint Drops!

    • This update introduces weekly blueprint drops that unlock at randomized time intervals during gameplay. We’re starting with 3 individual items per week and you should get everything within 6 hours—these numbers will likely be adjusted in the future. You can check the drop counter on the Klei Rewards page to see how many you have left! Don’t forget to redeem your Klei Rewards crate while you’re there.
    • To claim the Klei Rewards crate: Click on “Supply Closet” in the Main Menu, and hit the “Claim Blueprints” button to navigate to the Klei Rewards webpage. Once you’ve redeemed your crate, you can view your collection of blueprints in your online inventory or in-game, in your Supply Closet.


    • There’s an unidentified new critter in the colony. The catch? It’s been dead for a very, very long time! But with careful excavation and inspection of the fossils it left behind, your Duplicants can glean key info about where it came from…and what might be waiting for them out there in the galaxy. Plus, assembling the full skeleton for study unlocks a deep cache of resources.


    New meteor shower-related buildings, traits and skills! Fresh new blueprints unlocked while you play! A fossil story trait and a new short! We’ve also squashed some bugs and fixed a few crashes.

    If your mods are breaking or you need a little extra time before switching over, you can opt in to the temporary, unsupported <Previous Update branch>.

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