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OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 6.4.1 erschienen


Die Office Anwendung, OnlyOffice, mit dem Document Editor, Spreadsheet Editor und Presentation Editor wurde aktualisiert und liegt nun in der Version 6.4.1 vor. Es gab einige Bugfixes aber auch neue Funktionen.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 6.4.1 – September 26, 2021

New Features

  • Added ability to set UI theme dependent icon in config for cloud provider
  • Major improvements in support of chart styles
  • Ability to Resolve all comments
  • Change list symbols render
  • Add chart styles for users with visual impairment
  • Add ability to use tab\shift+tab in some controls
  • Ability to view unique user link count on info page
  • Improved render of CJK fonts in PDF files

Document Editor

  • Ability to convert text to table
  • Ability to convert table to text
  • Auto-capitalize first letter
  • New review mode: Simple markup

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Ability to add/remove/edit conditional formatting
  • Ability to add sparklines
  • Change select by pressing tab + enter
  • Data import from txt, csv
  • Ability to run macros on mouse click over graphic object
  • Add setting for hyperlink auto-correction
  • Freeze panes presets
  • Setting for show zeros in cells
  • Chain comments support
  • Add argument names to function wizard

Presentation Editor

  • Version History
  • Ability to hide notes panel
  • Auto-capitalize first letter


  • All editors received countless fixes


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