OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.4.1 veröffentlicht


OnlyOffice ist ein Open-Source-Office-Paket, das von Ascensio System SIA mit dem Hauptsitz in Riga, Lettland, entwickelt wurde. Die Lösung umfasst Online-Dokumenten-Editoren, Plattform für Dokumenten- und Projektmanagement, CRM-System und E-Mail-Client. Die Software ist für Windows, Mac, Linux und als Portable Version erhältlich. Die neue Version behebt diverse Fehler und führt einige neue Funktionen im Document, Spreadsheet und Presentation Editor ein. Das Update ist ca. 163MB groß.

OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.4.1 Release Notes

New Features

All Editors

  • More options for Paragraph Spacing
  • Ability to set paragraph Outline level
  • Ability to get current color scheme
  • Redone Document Info page
  • Better and more templates for tables
  • Select languages using keyboard (bug #24317)
  • Ability to show shadow for images/shapes
  • Add mentions to comments
  • Show multi-gradient fill in shapes (bug #40719)

Document Editor

  • Ability create new style – next style same as previous
  • Ability to add watermarks
  • Ability to save docx in mode compatible with old versions
  • Add tooltip for table styles

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Ability to change look of chart elements
  • Ability to set Headers and Footers
  • New options for working with formulas
  • Ability to group data
  • Spellchecker
  • Ability to resize autofilter window
  • Show the number of cells in autofilter window
  • Save 10 last used functions
  • Set default value for regional settings (bug #41549)
  • Asynchronous loading of formulas

Presentation Editor

  • New themes for slides
  • Ability to set Headers and Footers
  • Ability to insert slide number
  • Ability to insert date/time
  • Add tooltip for table styles


All Editors

  • Fix detecting document info as document change (bug #42717)
  • Fix paste in canvas after opening settings
  • Fix some issues with loading of translations

Document Editor

  • Fix the problem with drawing a track around a content control (bug #42657)
  • Fix the problem with accept/reject in case when moved text gets into selection (bug #42665)
  • Fix the problem with deleting text that was previously added by the same user (bug #41242)
  • Fix “No image uploaded” for Watermark background (bug #42832)
  • Fix rules unit of measurements (bug #42608)
  • Fix some watermark bugs
  • Fix style list in Create New Style window on small window size (bug #42799)
  • Fix changing display mode for track changes (without plugins tab)

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fix opening some files with pivot table without pivot style
  • Fix JS error in SUBTOTAL function (bug #42833)
  • Fix scale options while printing (bug #34704)
  • Fix adding image from storage (bug #42789)
  • Fix auto-sum icon
  • Fix button icons (chat, comments)

Presentation Editor

  • Fix extended comments
  • Fix bookmarks saving inside hyperlink
  • Fix marker filters in some xls (bug #42239)
  • Fix image size in save to xls (bug #42618)
  • Fix group data display (bug #42216)
  • Fix tooltip for data validation (bug #42667)
  • Fix Excel recovery error for files with comments (bug #42968)
  • Remove reply duplicates (bug #42969)
  • Fix error in headers/footers
  • Fix print areas (bug #42654)
  • Fix column width (bug #42790)
  • Fix cell color (bug #42932)
  • Fix link to formatted as table (bug #42938)


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