Nextcloud Talk App Bugfix Release 3.2.1

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Die App Talk in der Open Source Cloudlösung, Nextcloud, wurde letzte Woche in Version 3.2.1 veröffentlicht. Es wurden 8 Änderungen bzw. Bugfixe durchgeführt.

Nextcloud 13 – App Talk 3.2.1. Release Notes


  • Standalone signaling server now supports the 3.2 changes #864 #869


  • Only join the room after media permission request was answered #854
  • Do not reload the participant everytime a guest sends a chat message #866
  • Make sure the web UI still works after you left the current conversation or call #871 #872#874
  • Allow to scroll on long participant lists again #896
  • Do not throw an error when starting a call in a conversation without any chat message #861
  • Enable media controls when media is approved on a second request #861
  • Limit the unread message counter to 99+ #845


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