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Mozilla Thunderbird Update 102.4.1 veröffentlicht

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Der kostenlose Mailclient für Windows, MacOS und Linux, Thunderbird, erhielt ein Update, dass 9 Fehler behebt wie z.B. mit vCards.

Thunderbird 102.4.1 Release Notes

What’s New

  • Thunderbird will now catch and report errors parsing vCards that contain incorrectly formatted dates


  • Dynamic language switching did not update interface when switched to right-to-left languages
  • Custom header data was discarded after messages were saved as draft and reopened
  • -remote command line argument did not work, affecting integration with various applications such as LibreOffice
  • Messages received via some SMS-to-email services could not display images
  • VCards with nickname field set could not be edited
  • Some recurring events were missing from Agenda on first load
  • Download requests for remote ICS calendars incorrectly set “Accept” header to text/xml
  • Monthly events created on the 31st of a month with <30 days placed first occurrence 1-2 days after the beginning of the following month
  • Various visual and UX improvements


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