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i-MSCP 1.5.3 Release

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Das Multi-Server-Control-Panel, kurz i-MSCP, wurde vor kurzem in der Version 1.5.3 veröffentlicht. Es gibt diverse Bugfixes die nachfolgend in den Release Notes nachzulsesen sind.

i-MSCP 1.5.3 Release Notes


  • Removed: latest.txt file (no longer used)


  • Added: Netplan networking configuration provider (networkd renderer is assumed)
  • Fixed: Mask/Unmask units after/prior disabling/enabling them (Systemd init provider)
  • Fixed: Missing support for various systemd unit files such as device, mount point, swap file… (Systemd init provider)
  • Fixed: Resolve units before acting on them due to (Systemd init provider)
  • Fixed: SHA384 is not supported by your openssl extension, could not verify the phar file integrity (Composer)
  • Fixed: Use of uninitialized value in bitwise or ( |) (PHP memory_limit, Subdomain module)
  • Fixed: Virtual (aliased) interfaces (interface:integer) is an IFCONFIG(8) specific concept. IFCONFIG(8) is deprecated in favor of IP(8).
  • Review: Make use of a well-known (fixed) composer.phar version (1.8.0)
  • Rewritten: Ifupdown networking configuration provider


  • Fixed: Bad value for X-Forward-* headers (Proxy feature / Apache2 ssl vhosts)
  • Fixed: Do not discard paths other than ‘/errors/’ and ‘/.well-known/acme-challenge/’ on redirect/proxy (Apache2)
  • Fixed: Paths must be quoted in Apache2 configuration files to prevent spaces being interpreted as end of argument
  • Renamed: ‘BuildDate’ main configuration parameter to ‘Build’


  • Fixed: Prevent uninstallation of the ‘libsasl2-modules’ distribution package ( listener file)


  • Review: domain_traffic table schema (removed PK (dtraff_id), removed UK (traff_time), added compound PK (domain_id, dtraff_time))
  • Review: server_traffic table schema (removed PK (straff_id), removed UK (traff_time), added PK (traff_time))


  • Fixed: Comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
  • Fixed: FTBFS with GCC from Ubuntu 18.04 – Undeclared identifiers: SIGCHLD, SIGPIPE


  • Added: ‘dirmngr’ distribution package (all distributions)
  • Added: Support for Ubuntu Bionic Beaver (18.04)
  • Added: ‘ntp’ package (all distributions) – Clock synchronization is an important factor for i-MSCP
  • Added: ‘unzip’ distribution package (all distributions) – required by composer
  • Fixed: Encoding issues with setup dialog (LANG=C vs LANG=C.UTF8)


  • Fixed: Always display IDNA in their punycode representation (custom DNS record add/edit UI)
  • Fixed: $ORIGIN value is empty (custom DNS records edit UI)
  • Fixed: Closing button being removed in all dialog UI while it must be removed only in alert and confirmation dialogs
  • Fixed: Couldn’t execute /usr/local/lib/imscp_panel/imscp_panel_reopenlogs logrotate script
  • Fixed: Parameter is not mapped to any conversion specification (reseller/index.php, client/index)
  • Fixed: Prevent edition of custom DNS records which are not owned by the custom DNS feature


  • Enhancement: Optimize the SQL database upon setup process but not if the last optimization date is less than 24 hours
  • Fixed: Build only mode is broken on fresh installation: Couldn’t find the ‘PHP’ command in search path…
  • Fixed: ‘CLIENT_DOMAIN_ALT_URLS’ configuration parameter resetted to 0 (disabled) while running installer
  • Fixed: ‘CLIENT_DOMAIN_ALT_URLS’ parameter is not set on fresh installations
  • Fixed: DIRMNGR(8) daemon not being terminated when expected (APT key management)
  • Fixed: Inconsistency with other parameters (CLIENT_DOMAIN_ALT_URLS parameter — yes/no vs 1/0)
  • Fixed: Keep any installed PHP packages as those can have been installed manually or by 3rd-party software
  • Fixed: Missing or bad entry found in your preseed file due to unhandled space separator (Slave DNS server)
  • Fixed: Setup dialog for the alternative URLs feature is not shown on fresh installations
  • Renamed: ‘CLIENT_DOMAIN_ALT_URLS’ configuration parameter to ‘CLIENT_WEBSITES_ALT_URLS’


  • IP-1689 Password reset conflict with PanelRedirect
  • IP-1770 Contrib – – Operation not permitted
  • IP-1786 Customer assignment (to reseller) not showing all clients
  • IP-1787 Typo in external mail feature activation
  • IP-1791 Error message when calculating disk quota – Cannot start new SQL transaction on an automatic reconnect
  • IP-1792 When changing the document root of a domain with a folder that holds a space in its name, the Apache2 server is crashing
  • IP-1793 CLIENT_DOMAIN_ALT_URLS Value in preseed file
  • IP-1795 When editing a mailbox, the quota value is reset to 10 MiB while it should stay to it current quota value
  • IP-1802 Traffic logger should wait for the xtables lock
  • IP-1803 Wrong SQL query in module
  • IP-1804 Cannot add catchall for subdomains – Call to a member function fetchRow on string
  • IP-1806 Client – Domain Edit – Document Root Edit – FTP (VFS) – Could not retrieve directories – ASCII username expected
  • IP-1809 Missing logrotate in LXC container
  • IP-1811 APT pinning conflict with libssl-dev
  • IP-1812 Missing support for Ubuntu Bionic Beaver (18.04)


  • New features or minor changes/bugfixes
  • Major changes or important bugfixes


You can download this new version at:


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