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Hunt Showdown Update 1.10


Entwickler Crytek hat das Update 1.10 für Hunt Showdown veröffentlicht.

Hunt Showdown 1.10
Hunt Showdown 1.10



New Consumable: Stalker Beetle

The Stalker Beetle is a new flying “character,” controlled by a Player in first person view. It is spawned and activated as a consumable. It adds reconnaissance capabilities to the arsenal. The Stalker Beetle is unlocked at Bloodline Rank 15 and costs $45.


  • The Stalker Beetle is activated by throwing them anywhere similar to a dynamite stick or a decoy
  • Throwing the Beetle starts a transition into its own camera view
  • While the Beetle is alive, the controlling Hunter cannot move or perform any actions.


  • The Beetle’s camera is permanently using Dark Sight, but with a slightly increased view distance.
  • The Beetle’s Dark Sight will not consume Dark Sight Boost the Hunter might have and does not highlight enemy Hunters.
  • The Beetle has two control schemes:
    • Absolute (Default):
      • Movement input applies only horizontally.
      • Altitude can be changed via analogue triggers (controller) or dedicated buttons (keyboard).
  • Relative:
    • Movement input applies relative to the camera and changes altitude depending on orientation.
    • Altitude controls can be used for additional adjustments.
  • Stalker Beetles cannot land and stay airborne constantly.
  • The Beetle can be deactivated to return to the ground or detonated to cause a small explosion. Stalker Beetles will also be deactivated by the controlling Player receiving damage/dying, exposure to a Choke Cloud, or touching water.
    • The Player returns to their own perspective after deactivating the Beetle. Any Player can pick up a deactivated Stalker Beetle on the ground.
    • The explosion will cause 5 damage to Hunters, applies Poison, applies Medium Bleeding, and destroys objects like lamps and glass pane windows. Additionally, objects like traps and cranks will be triggered; barricaded doors and window shutters will be opened if the explosion is on the “correct” side.
  • The Beetle has a range of 150m. When it exceeds this distance, an “Out of Range” warning will be displayed with a 10 second countdown. The Beetle will be deactivated if the 10s expires while still out of range.
  • The Stalker Beetle is highly vulnerable and will die to a single bullet or melee attack. When killed, there is no explosion, and it is no longer able to be picked up.


  • Players can Ping from the Beetle’s perspective.
  • Traits: Three traits have been updated at this time to include the Stalker Beetle. The effects of Blade Seer, Poison Sense, and Vigilant will also apply in the Stalker Beetle’s sight.
  • Proximity Warnings: Stalker Beetles will trigger all warning effects, as a Hunter would. This includes red clue warnings, boss whisper warnings, and extraction warnings. Additionally, enemy Stalker Beetles will show up as a small orange visual effect in Boosted Dark Sight.
    • The Stalker Beetle cannot block the extraction timer when close to extraction points.
  • Audio: While flying, Stalker Beetles produce a new, unique sound that is linked to their velocity. The faster the Beetle is flying, the louder the sound. Beetles should be able to disguise their presence in gun fights but heard when the environment is quieter.
  • Environment: Stalker Beetles interact with the environment, as if they are a Hunter. They will startle close-by monsters, make noise on hanging chains (and any other prop they touch), startle crows and horses, and trigger traps they touch (killing the Beetle).

General Updates


  • Hive swarms can now be killed by Fusees and Flare Pistols.


Improved Underground System

  • Fighting close to an underground entry:
    • Previously, sounds that were produced underground were completely muffled, even close to an entry. The new system should behave more realistically and will take the distance to the underground entry into account.
    • The new system will reflect how “deep” a sound is inside now. With the sound being more muffled the “deeper” it is.
  • Distant behavior of sounds played underground:
    • All sounds (including gunshots and explosions) will be inaudible outside of the underground above 150m.
    • This applies in the reverse as well; all sounds produced outside the underground are muted above 150m.

Audio Mixing Changes

  • Dynamite Stick explosions are now quieter, at distance.


Caldwell Pax Claw

  • The Pax Claw now deals the same damage as the Knife, at the cost of additional stamina drain.

Caldwell Conversion Uppercut

  • Explosive ammo on the Uppercut can now headshot enemy Hunters at short to medium ranges (approximately 35m).

Compact Ammo Rifles

Compact ammo rifles now have an increased effective range, including custom ammo.

  • Winfield 1873
    • Base and all variants are now 150m effective range (193m with FMJ).
  • Winfield 1873C
    • Base and Marksman are now 150m effective range (193 with FMJ).
    • Silencer is now 135m (162 with FMJ).
    • Vandal variants are now 140m (178 with FMJ).
  • Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine
    • Carbine and Deadeye are both now 125m.

Two-slot Ammo Weapons

  • Weapons that can use two ammo slots now have half price for each slot. This is to account for the fact that you are technically buying only half of the ammo per slot in any weapon that can use two ammo types.
  • The Romero 77 Alamo cannot use two ammo types and does not benefit from half price, even though it is in the Romero 77 unlock tree.



  • The health regeneration cooldown will no longer be reset once the “poison” effect wears off and health regen will begin instantly.

Trait Changes

  • Conduit: In addition to its current effect, Conduit now grants 5 minutes of stamina when picking up a clue or bounty token.
  • Ghoul: The range and type of monster is no longer limited. Any kill to any monster (including the boss targets) at any range will result in a small health gain.
  • Poison Sense: The default range has been increased to 150m.


Price Changes


  • Bornheim No.3 Extended goes from $306 to $203
  • Bornheim No.3 goes from $201 to $146
  • Bornheim No.3 Match goes from $224 to $180
  • Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol goes from $50 to $84
  • Caldwell Conversion Pistol goes from $26 to $55
  • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut goes from $275 to $414
  • Caldwell Pax Claw goes from $125 to $105
  • Caldwell Pax goes from $100 to $80
  • Caldwell Rival 78 goes from $100 to $150
  • Caldwell Rival 78 Handcannon goes from $85 to $125
  • Combat Axe goes from $5 to $15
  • Lebel 1886 Marksman goes from $437 to $607
  • Mosin Nagant Sniper goes from $550 to $730
  • Nagant M1895 Silencer goes from $53 to $93
  • Romero 77 goes from $34 to $66
  • Romero 77 Handcannon goes from $26 to $46
  • Romero 77 Hatchet goes from $62 to $82
  • Romero 77 Talon goes from $59 to $84
  • Winfield 1893 Slate goes from $250 to $333
  • Winfield Terminus 1887 goes from $309 to $238
  • Winfield Terminus 1887 Handcannon goes from $289 to $218


  • Chaos Bolts stay at $20 ($10 per slot)
  • Choke Bolts go from $40 to $20 ($10 per slot)
  • Concertina Arrows go from $85 to $60 ($30 per slot)
  • Dragonbreath goes from $50 to $20
  • Dumdum Compact goes from $40 to $50
  • Dumdum Medium stays at $50
  • Explosive Long goes from $120 to $100
  • Explosive Medium stays at $90
  • Flechette goes from $45 to$ 40
  • FMJ Compact goes from $35 to $50
  • FMJ Long stays at $60
  • FMJ Medium goes from $45 to $50
  • Frag Arrows go from $154 to $140 ($70 per slot)
  • High Velocity Compact goes from $75 to $50
  • High Velocity Medium goes from $90 to $50
  • Incendiary Compact goes from $25 to $10
  • Incendiary Long goes from $35 to $20
  • Incendiary Medium goes from $30 to $10
  • Nitro Shredder goes from $150 to $225
  • Poison Arrows go from $65 to $50 ($25 per slot)
  • Poison Compact goes from $35 to $50
  • Poison Long stays at $60
  • Poison Medium goes from $40 to $50
  • Slugs go from $200 to $130
  • Spitzer goes from $220 to $150


  • Fire Bomb goes from $18 to $30
  • Frag Bomb goes from $70 to $103
  • Heavy Knife goes from $25 to $20
  • Knife goes from $20 to $30
  • Liquid Fire Bomb goes from $23 to $35
  • Stalker Beetle is added at $45
  • Vitality Shot goes from $65 to $85
  • Weak Vitality Shot goes from $10 to $20

Trait Changes

Trait Point Cost Changes

  • Beastface goes from 3 to 4
  • Blade Seer from 2 to 1
  • Bloodless goes from 4 to 5
  • Bulletgrubber goes from 6 to 4
  • Deadeye Scopesmith goes from 1 to 2
  • Determination goes from 3 to 4
  • Dewclaw from 2 to 1
  • Doctor goes from 8 to 9
  • Fanning goes from 7 to 8
  • Frontiersman goes from 8 to 7
  • Gator Legs goes from 2 to 3
  • Ghoul goes from 4 to 3
  • Greyhound goes from 4 to 5
  • Hundred Hands from 3 to 2
  • Iron Sharpshooter goes from 3 to 2
  • Levering goes from 3 to 4
  • Lightfoot goes from 5 to 6
  • Packmule goes from 3 to 4
  • Resilience goes from 2 to 3
  • Silent Killer goes from 5 to 4
  • Sniper Scopesmith from 3 to 2
  • Vigilant from 2 to 1
  • Vigor from 4 to 3
  • Whispersmith goes from 2 to 1

Trait Point Rank Unlock Changes

  • Ambidextrous from rank 44 to 73
  • Assailant from rank 11 to 72
  • Beastface from rank 41 to 33
  • Blade Seer from rank 49 to 53
  • Bolt Thrower from rank 22 to 26
  • Bulletgrubber from rank 57 to 43
  • Bulwark from rank 16 to 59
  • Conduit from rank 1 to 10
  • Dauntless from rank 61 to 76
  • Deadeye Scopesmith from rank 23 to 19
  • Decoy Supply from rank 43 to 51
  • Determination from rank 5 to 1
  • Dewclaw from rank 67 to 55
  • Doctor from rank 73 to 11
  • Fanning from rank 17 to 13
  • Frontiersman from rank 39 to 64
  • Gator Legs from rank 21 to 36
  • Ghoul from rank 19 to 23
  • Greyhound from rank 1 to 3
  • Hundred hands from rank 60 to 57
  • Iron Devastator from rank 65 to 66
  • Iron Repeater from rank 7 to 5
  • Iron Sharpshooter from rank 47 to 17
  • Kiteskin from rank 63 to 85
  • Levering from rank 14 to 8
  • Lightfoot from rank 27 to 47
  • Marksman Scopesmith from rank 35 to 25
  • Mithridatist from rank 15 to 31
  • Necromancer from rank 69 to 29
  • Physician from rank 29 to 87
  • Pitcher from rank 55 to 69
  • Poacher from rank 59 to 63
  • Poison Sense from rank 84 to 68
  • Quartermaster from rank 51 to 22
  • Resilience from rank 9 to 7
  • Silent Killer from rank 25 to 45
  • Sniper Scopesmith from rank 77 to 83
  • Steady Aim from rank 31 to 20
  • Steady Hand from rank 33 to 39
  • Tomahawk from rank 45 to 49
  • Vigilant from rank 87 to 61
  • Vigor from rank 38 to 79
  • Vulture from rank 71 to 81
  • Whispersmith from rank 38 to 41

Weapon Progression Changes

  • Berthier Carbine from rank 62 to 48
  • Bornheim No.3 from rank 30 to 35
  • Caldwell Conversion Pistol from rank 22 to 18
  • Caldwell Pax from rank 18 to 30
  • Caldwell Rival 78 from rank 19 to 16
  • Dolch 96 from rank 68 to 71
  • Hand Crossbow from rank 4 to 21
  • Martini Henri Carbine from rank 16 to 9
  • Mosin Nagant M1891 from rank 72 to 75
  • Nagant M1895 Officer from rank 36 to 56
  • Nitro Express Rifle from rank 88 to 90
  • Sparks LRR from rank 26 to 32
  • Specter 1882 from rank 24 to 38
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner from rank 6 to 14
  • Winfield 1887 Terminus from rank 64 to 4
  • Winfield 1893 Slate from rank 48 to 65
  • Winfield M1873 from rank 20 to 27
  • Winfield M1876 Centennial from rank 58 to 24

Tools/Consumables Progression Changes

  • Ammo Box from rank 80 to 74
  • Choke Bomb from rank 11 to 1
  • Deception Category from rank 32 to 1
  • Dynamite Stick from rank 8 to 6
  • Fire Bomb from rank 3 to 1
  • Quad Derringer from rank 66 to 80

Additional Hunt Dollar Rewards

  • Rank 11 (End of Trainee mode) receives $2000
  • Rank 34 (Tier 2) receives $2000
  • Rank 37 receives $200
  • Rank 44 receives $200
  • Rank 50 receives $200
  • Rank 60 receives $200
  • Rank 67 (Tier 3) receives $1000
  • Rank 70 receives $200
  • Rank 77 receives $200
  • Rank 84 receives $200
  • Rank 86 receives $200
  • Rank 88 receives $200
  • Rank 89 receives $200
  • Rank 91 – 100 receives $200 per level

Legendary Additions

  • Legendary Hunter – Deckhand (1000BB)
  • Caldwell Pax Claw – Caldera (900BB)
  • Specter 1882 – The Eleventh Hour (700BB)
  • Romero 77 Alamo – Swamp Dredge (900BB)
  • Romero 77 Talon – The Houqua (700BB)
  • Scottfield Spitfire – Good Intentions (900BB)
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer – Masquerade (900BB)
  • Caldwell Conversion Uppercut – Intrinsic Sin (900BB)
  • Frag Bomb – Skin Ripper (800BB)

Black Market Reset

The Black Market has been reset! Check your store to see what Legendary Skins are now on offer.



Cocoon – New Lootable

  • The Cocoon is a new lootable that can spawn on walls throughout the map. Currently, it will only provide a Stalker Beetle.
  • here are a few locations on each map where cocoons are permanently nested; the Beetles prefer larger trees.
  • Like Toolboxes, the Cocoon will provide two items when used with the Packmule trait.

Consumable Spawns

  • Certain consumables can now be found in the world. Additionally, there is now a permanent spawn for consumables to appear in Watch Towers.
  • Hellfire Bombs are no longer in the drop table for Toolboxes. They have been replaced by the Fire Bomb and Liquid Fire Bomb.

New Weapon Spawns

  • Added a chance for the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut and the Sparks Pistol to the Tower and world spawns.

Stillwater Bayou

  • Alice Farms: Added an island in the river towards Stillwater Bend.
  • Catfish Grove: Repositioned the tree logs on the South side.
  • Chapel of Madonna Noir: Added cover to the bridge by Alice Farms.
  • Darrow Livestock: Removed some peek spots across all barns.
  • Darrow Livestock: Added a new roof entrance on the West side building.
  • Darrow Livestock: Replaced the double doors on the first floor (North side) with a window.
  • Healing Waters Church: Removed some peek spots and blocked glass windows.
  • Lockbay Docks: Replaced the barricaded window to a peek hole window (South side).
  • Lockbay Docks: Removed the crates that block the sliding gate (South side).
  • Port Reeker: Removed some peek spots.
  • Port Reeker: Added a new window on the North side of the Canning & Shipping building.
  • Port Reeker: Lowered the area behind the cart railing so Players can hide better by the Canning & Shipping building.
  • Slaughterhouse: Added barbed wire fence on the South side.
  • Slaughterhouse: Added vault and crouch through spots to the fence bordering the cornfield (West side).
  • Added 6 new spawn points:
    • Between Slaughterhouse and Catfish Grove.
    • West of Cyprus Huts.
    • Between Port Reeker and Reynard Mill & Lumber.
    • Between Stillwater Bend and Chapel of Madonna Noir.
    • On the North side of Scupper Lake.
    • On the Southeast side of Scupper Lake.

Lawson Delta

  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: The brick walls next to dog kennels now have cracks for Players to shoot the lanterns more easily.
  • Godard Docks: Players can now jump from the North side building to the boss lair balcony.
  • Hemlock & Hide: Reworked the ruins on the North side.
  • Ironworks: Added a connection between the roofs of the boss building and the West side barn.
  • Ironworks: Closed and opened some of the small windows.
  • Lawson Station: Barricaded a static door inside the Waiting Hall building.
  • Lawson Station: Added ramps up to the platform along the Waiting Hall building.
  • Maw Battery: Removed an exploit hole.
  • Nicholls Prison: Reworked the layout, fixed visual noise issues, and added new paths/entrances.
  • Added 6 new spawn points:
  • Between Godard Docks and Maw Battery.
  • On an island between Maw Battery and Ironworks.
  • Between Blanc Brinery and Godard Docks.
  • On the train tracks North of Blanc Brinery.
  • Between Salters Pork and Golden Acres.
  • On the East side of Windy Run.


  • Ash Creek Lumber: Added cover around the stairs.
  • Ash Creek Lumber: Added a ramp to the wooden bridge on the West side.
  • Darin Shipyard: Barricaded inaccessible areas in the boss building.
  • First Testimonial Church: Removed some holes in the boss building.
  • First Testimonial Church: Fixed dog cage visibility on the South side.
  • Forked River Fishery: Updated cover around the boss building.
  • Fort Bolden: The railing at the small white house on the Southwest edge of the compound is now vaultable.
  • Lower DeSalle: Removed some holes in the boss building.
  • Pearl Plantation: Removed some holes in the boss building.
  • Pearl Plantation: Improved interactive windows readability in the boss building.
  • Pearl Plantation: Added cover around the stairs.
  • Pelican Island Prison: Added cover around the stairs.
  • Reeve’s Quarry: Improved cover for the ladder on the West side.
  • Upper DeSalle: Removed some holes in the boss building.
  • Weeping Stone Mill: Extended the wall at the boss building entrance by the big metal doors.
  • Weeping Stone Mill: Lowered the interactive lantern in the upper tower of the boss building.
  • Added 4 new spawn points:
  • On the Northeast side of Lower DeSalle.
  • South of Lower DeSalle.
  • Northwest of Kingsnake Mine.
  • Between Fort Bolden and Darin Shipyard.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that caused AI to take the wrong pose when being spawned in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Scrapbeak and Butcher getting stuck on stairs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the boss to take the wrong pose when starting the banishing process.
  • Fixed an animation issue on the Assassin’s melee attacks.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the bomblance explosion to be positioned slightly incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused gunshots to be inaudible when in Dark Sight and behind a wall.
  • Fixed an issue that caused background ambience to be played incorrectly when loading into a mission.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some Hunter skins with gloves to obscure sight when looking through a scope.
  • Reduced the chance for projectiles (IE throwing knives, etc) to despawn when stuck to a despawning AI.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed weapons with two ammo slots to receive one extra bullet when taking two ammo types.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped a Player from sprinting immediately after throwing a throwing axe.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Winfield M1873 Aperture to have a higher recoil when the aperture sight was flipped down.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed the Caldwell Rival 78 hammer incorrectly after shooting.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from reloading single shot weapons when a reload or ammo switch was interrupted by vaulting or switching weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Berthier to not appear when using the “Bulletgruber” filter.



  • Fixed clipping and floating objects around all three maps.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed barricaded doors to be destroyed instantly under certain circumstances.


  • Fixed an ammo box that was not interactable when the Butcher was spawned in Chapel of Madonna Noire.
  • Fixed a sliding gate that was incorrectly aligned in Stillwater Bend.
  • Fixed a spot where Hunters could get stuck on the Reynard Mill & Lumber roof.
  • Adjusted the render distances of Alain & Son’s Fish, Cyprus Huts, Davant Ranch, Healing Waters Church, and Stillwater Bend.


  • Adjusted the render distances of C&A Lumber, Fort Carmick, Ironworks, and Maw Battery.


  • Fixed floating bricks in the ruins between Forked Rivery Fishery and First Testimonial Church.
  • Fixed an ammo box that was too close to a building prop and was not interactable in Seven Sisters Estate.
  • Moved a clue that was clipping into a tree at Pearl Plantation.

Known Issues

  • In some cases, an explosive can damage an enemy through unintended terrain.
  • Players may see tools/consumables floating in the air if another Player switches equipment nearby. This fixes itself when the second Player switches equipment again, and it is only a visual issue.
  • In some cases, the weapon wheel (controller) does not work as intended, and players are prevented from switching to a tool/consumable from their main weapon.
  • In some rare cases, a couple weapons can possibly get jammed, where no bullet enters the chamber. Players can spam “fire” as a workaround for this rare issue.
  • In some cases, when attempting to loot a weapon from a dead Hunter, a message can appear saying “Ammo full” which will prevent you from looting.
  • In some cases, the poison effect will incorrectly stay on a player.
  • In some cases, weapons will come out of ADS unintentionally.
  • When a Hunter is revived at the exact moment as the reviver dies, an issue can occur.
  • It is possible for a Hunter to receive the “extraction blocked” warning at an extract where someone else has extracted earlier in the match.
  • Players can occasionally receive “Something Went Wrong” matchmaking failure when queuing for a mission.
  • Sometimes, reconnect does not work as intended and players have to try again.
  • In some cases, the Spider can get stuck in the death animation, unable to be banished.
  • Players on old gen consoles may load into a mission late in some instances.
  • Quickplay: Picking up a small weapon while performing a switch from a larger weapon results in swapping the wrong item.
  • It is possible for concertina wire to unintentionally damage players through walls.
  • In some cases, you are unable to loot a weapon because the client registers that it fell in a different place than is shown on the screen.
  • In some cases, a Meathead will have fewer leeches than intended and not react properly to Hunters.
  • In some cases, crows may react to player noise later than intended. If there is a lot of occlusion between you and the crows, they can also be hard to hear.
  • In some rare cases, it is possible for AI to attack a Hunter during the “Waiting for Players” portion of a game.
  • In some cases, the banish state and extraction state can show the incorrect details. This is purely a visual issue. The normal status will continue as intended in the background.
  • In some cases, it is possible for a Hunter to receive a hitmarker with a flashbang, without the enemy being fully flashed.
  • In some cases, when an enemy hunter survives a headshot from explosive ammo the “death from a headshot” audio can still be heard.
  • In some cases when sprint and ADS are bound separately, sprinting input can be incorrectly ignored.
  • In some cases, thrown objects can disappear when they are attached to something that disappears.
  • In some rare cases, a Hunter is able to incorrectly move during the end of a Quickplay.
  • Hunters can interact with trait charms (in the world) at a specific range that triggers the “trait acquired” audio, but the trait is not gained on the Hunter.
  • In some cases, a Hunter will only be partially visible for a short time when entering the lobby.
  • The electric lamp is incorrectly shadowed by the Hunter.
  • In some cases, a Hunter’s health will stop regenerating at 100 health, even if the health chunk should allow for further regeneration.
  • In some cases, the party invite can be broken after a reconnect of at least one Hunter.
  • In some cases, lanterns are out of sync for disconnecting Hunters.
  • While using a controller on PC, controller UI will not be displayed while spectating.
  • When holding a world item (IE axe or sledgehammer), picking up a world spawn weapon results in an issue with the newly acquired weapon.
  • In some cases, damage from the bomb lance will not show correctly on the death screen.
  • In Quickplay, it is possible for a Player to be unable to pick up or refill a stack of a tool that they already have (IE Fusees).
  • In some rare cases, the death screen may appear empty.
  • When vaulting and landing on top of a meathead, a Hunter can be catapulted into the air.
  • In some cases, weapons will drop on top of each other, and it is hard to loot the desired weapon.
  • Quickplay: In some cases, a used tool will be replaced when a Hunter is picking up a new tool.
  • In some cases, the crosshair will become small and will not change size dynamically as intended.
  • Quickplay: In some rare cases, an item can be shown for a Player that another Hunter has already taken.
  • In some cases, a Hunter is unable to fire when swapping quickly from iron sight to fanning.
  • In some cases, Hunters melee and gun sensitivities can be misaligned.
  • In some cases, the crosshair for the throwing knives/axes will disappear.
  • World health packs can stop a Hunter from interacting with a clue when dropped in certain spots on top of the clue.
  • Spectator mode doesn’t always accurately represent the aiming state of the Player.
  • In some rare cases, the bomb lance barb will not deal explosion damage in the full radius.
  • In some rare cases, the Spider can fall through the floor and become stuck when jumping on a Hunter.
  • Unlocking a legendary weapon often unintentionally changes the order of the weapon equipment.
  • In some rare cases, it is possible for an audio queue to sound as if it comes from a different position than it should.
  • In some cases, a strange looping audio will play after swapping fire mode on Dual Wield LeMats.
  • In some cases, when swapping weapons while vaulting, a Hunter can be incorrectly empty-handed. A workaround for this issue is to simply swap weapons again.
  • In some cases, the Assassin’s clone can be stuck and not try to attack a Hunter.
  • In some cases, when dying to bleed damage from AI, you can receive an incorrect death screen of “You killed yourself.”
  • Holding RMB while switching to a melee tool or weapon does not correctly prepare a heavy melee.
  • In some cases, concertina wire is not correctly destroyed, although it was hit properly.
  • Bleeding damage ticks are not properly represented in the damage history upon death.
  • In Gunslinger, it is possible for the crosshair to be missing after switching weapons.
  • In some cases, queued melee attacks can fail for some items.
  • In some cases, the ammo counter will not update correctly when firing the Scottfield too quickly.
  • When placing a bear trap close to another object, it is possible for the action to be canceled incorrectly.
  • After reconnecting, a flare on the ground can loop the throwing audio to the reconnected Hunter.
  • In some cases, a Hunter will not receive an item back when looting a dead enemy.
  • In some cases, a Hunter will lose a healing item when trying to heal a teammate, but the heal will not go through.
  • In some cases, an arrow will not break a window properly.
  • Aperture sights can randomly be flipped up or down.
  • While spectating, burning is not correctly represented on the health bar.
  • In some cases, the transition between poison states will result in a slight camera shake.

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